[Fixed] Windows Vista Not Detecting Wireless Networks – How to Fix the Wireless Adapter Issue

Vista Wireless Adapter Not Detecting Any NetworksIf you are still using Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, then you may be facing wireless network issue as described in this post. Recently I have faced a strange problem with my windows vista laptop which failed to detect any wireless networks around my place even though I was in the range of few wireless networks. This small guide shows how I fixed this issue and you can use it if your Windows Vista not detecting any wireless networks.

You can try these steps for Windows 7 too, but I never had the same problem in Windows 7.

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Here Are the Few Steps Follow

1) Make sure you do not have any other built-in wireless network management software that is set to manage wireless networks. Mostly by default there will be a separate WiFi management software from same wifi device vendor available on the laptop. If it is set to manage wireless networks and profiles, then windows vista wireless network manager will not detect any networks.  So obviously you must look at the correct WiFi management software to detect and connect wireless networks. I had an Acer laptop and already disabled the ‘Acer e-connect’ software which came by default to manage wireless networks. I was using windows wireless manager as default. But this time even that one could not find any networks.

2) After diagnosing the issue, I got a message that saying ‘Windows Wireless Service not started’. When I tried to start the particular service manually, it threw more errors. Restarting the laptop also did not help to solve this issue.

Below Two Steps Fixed this Issue.

3) The current user (logged in user) must have full permission to particular registry key where all computer services are listed.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services

Check the permission by seeing permissions tab after right clicking the key. Add the logged in user and give full permission to above register key in Windows vista.

4) Reset Windows socket

Open command prompt as administrator (Right click and select ‘Run as’) and try below command

Netsh winsock reset

Restart the vista laptop after above two steps. Now your windows vista laptop wireless adapter should start finding available wireless network around you.

There are few suggestions available on the web related to this issue including updating the wireless network driver from vendor.

Also Microsoft suggests few tips to solve this issue which are described here.