4 Achievements that Enable Clean Technology Services

Clean technology services businesses make a vast marketplace. It encompasses all companies focused on delivering products or services designed to directly or indirectly improve the environment.

Cutting-edge technologies power the entire clean technology sector.

Clean Technology

We’ve compiled a list of the top technologies that have facilitated eco-friendly services to help you understand their impact. Let’s start, shall we?

What are Clean Technology Services?

Clean technology services are also known as cleantech services. They include all the technologies out there that don’t pollute the environment. However, the term also refers to many technologies that help reduce environmental impact.

Cleantech can provide many benefits, ranging from minimizing carbon emissions to saving energy. It can even extend to using external data sources to fuel business decisions instead of using too much power to build and maintain an internal data center.

1) Solartech

Solar radiation is an immense energy resource. Thanks to new technologies, we have significantly improved how we harvest that energy. It is projected that 40% of the US electricity supply will come from solar.

Solartech is not only photovoltaic panels or mirrors for concentrating solar radiation. There are also tech solutions that help convert a high percentage of that energy into electricity.

Plus, we have to include batteries, which also help store that energy for further use. Their efficiency and capacity have significantly increased, too. Many companies worldwide offer clean technology services to install and set up solar tech equipment.

2) IoT

IoT is short for the Internet of Things, and it stands as the largest global network of interconnected devices and sensors. These devices and sensors can capture and stream data in real-time. Apps can then process it and send reports through push notifications.

How does IoT fit in the eco-friendly technology landscape?

Thanks to perfectly calibrated sensors, the manufacturing industry can optimize its processes to minimize waste and impact on the environment. IoT has found an application in traffic control in metropolises worldwide.

The sensors can significantly reduce emissions, not to mention their role in the gas industry, where they help monitor sensitive processes to help prevent environmental disasters.

3) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are cutting-edge technologies that have found use across industries.

AI stands for computer science that focuses on creating software and machines capable of performing tasks that only humans can do. On the other hand, machine learning is a sub-branch of AI that focuses on using data to train programs to predict outcomes of specific events.

AI And Machine Learning

AI and ML play pivotal roles in the entire cleantech movement, and many of the clean technology services are based on AI and ML.

What makes them so popular? These two technologies are pretty versatile. You can use them to achieve a wide variety of outcomes, from optimizing energy consumption in big data centers to helping build energy-efficient towns.

4) Plant-based plastic

We all know that our civilization overuses plastic, especially single-use plastic. The worst thing about plastic is that it ends up in landfills, rivers, seas, and oceans, and it takes centuries, if not millennia, to dissolve. However, we’ve grown so fond of plastic that it’s incredibly challenging to remove it from the consumption economy.

That is where plant-based plastic comes into play. Companies started producing plant-based plastic to help reduce the impact of actual plastic on the environment. The first plant-based plastic products were made out of cassava.

The industry continues to look for even better non-plastic solutions with better biodegradable properties. It’s the only way to reverse the impact of plastic and make the environment healthy again.


The entire clean technology services industry is booming thanks to new technological achievements. Solar technology, the Internet of Things, AI, ML, and eco-friendly packaging are just the tip of the iceberg of all technologies that enable this thriving sector to provide companies with the means to save the planet.

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