Crafting Profitable Side Hustles After Hours for Techies

Tech workers have quite high salaries compared to other career paths, with the average income for a software engineer going between $71,340 and $185,580. However, considering the inflation and other expenses, even the monthly revenue of a tech person might not be enough for a comfortable lifestyle. Perhaps you could cover your daily expenses, but when it comes to saving or investing, there is little to nothing for you to rely on.

Side Hustles After Hours For Techies

If you feel like your monthly income does not provide enough for you, there are plenty of side hustles that you can take on after hours. Some may require you to do initial research, whereas others need little to no extra effort. If you are already familiar with the tech industry, here are a couple of options for you to boost your revenue.

Tech Support

Do you have a computer and technology background and want to use it well? Perhaps your day job is fixing hardware products or ensuring software works exactly as it should. Considering that an average of 13% of the population still doesn’t use the Internet, it is probably safe to say they haven’t yet figured out how to fix a computer or any digital device.

If you have patience and knowledge in the tech world, you could consider working as tech support in your after-hours. It pays around $37 per hour, and you will have plenty of days when the tickets are very simple. You don’t even need to know every answer – you should just use Google correctly so that it can solve your problem.

Sharing Bandwidth

Bandwidth sharing is the process of allowing other users to utilize your network. As a techie, you probably have plenty of bandwidth that goes unused every month, which is a shame, especially when you already paid for it. Sharing your excess network requires little to no effort except for a few settings, and it can offer an extra stream of income whenever someone uses it.

By sharing your bandwidth, you could passively earn money without spending any. If you are a content creator, some platforms allow you to receive donations from your audience’s bandwidth. That means donations don’t cost anything to your audience, and you get to monetize your content. This way, you can fundraise your passion project more easily.

Game Tester

Many gamers end up working in the tech industry and vice versa. If you know how to use a computer effectively and like playing games, then being a game tester can offer you some extra income. The main advantage is that you would probably be playing games after hours, anyway, getting mad whenever there is a glitch. As a game tester, at least you get paid for it.

Game Tester

Your payment will often depend on your knowledge and the project you undertake. For the most part, such a side hustle can pay around $15 to $20 per hour. During this time, you play unreleased games and look for bugs, offering suggestions to the developers. If you are the kind of person who keeps playing until the crack of dawn, this could be an entertaining and profitable side job.

Web Design

Do you like designing websites, using photo editing and web layout programs? If that’s the case, you may enjoy going into web design. This side hustle might be a good option if you have coding experience, but thanks to today’s tech advancements, that’s no longer necessary. You just have to find a good template for the website and do your magic starting from there. However, knowing the industry will make your job easier.

Web design pays very well; once you gain some experience, you could earn up to $74 per hour. This can be a great opportunity if you have an eye for the arts and know your way around a computer. Most business owners can’t build websites; if they can, they don’t have the time for it. This is why they look for people just like you to take the matter out of their hands.

The Bottom Line

Your monthly income does not have to stop at the salary you get from your 9-to-5 job. You can get some extra cash by taking on a side hustle. Analyze your skillset and choose something you wouldn’t mind doing for an extra hour or two now and again.

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