Change Google Home Mini Wi-Fi Password or Add to New Wi-Fi Network

The initial setup of Google home mini is quite simple after reading a few guides or onscreen help. Once everything is done, if you have changed the Wi-Fi password or even completely changed the Wi-Fi to a new name/setup, then you need to reconfigure your Google home mini Wi-Fi settings. It can be done with your phone/tablet where the Google Home app installed. Recently I experienced a similar case, and in this post, I show you how to change the Wi-Fi password or set up a new Wi-Fi network on existing Google Home Mini.

Mostly this method is applicable for other Google home connected devices such as Google Home, Nest Hub, and Google Home Max. The good thing is we do not need to reset or reload the factory settings of the device. It can be done like setting up a new device.

Google Home Mini Wi Fi

Points to Consider

  • Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on on the device (phone or tablet) you are going to use.
  • Better to use the same Google home account (which was used to connect your entire devices) Gmail account while setting up the new Wi-Fi.

Steps to Change Google Home Mini Wireless Network Password

Since the Google home mini doesn’t have the Internet connectivity, your Google Home app will not detect the device from the previous setup. It is almost like adding a new device to your home.

1) Open the Google app and under your home name, click on ‘Add’ or ‘Set up device.’

Setup New Device

2) Select your home name again here.

3) It will look for the device which registered under your Gmail address and the possible devices it can find via the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

Found Device

4) Click Next. It will connect to the Home Mini device and make a sound. That confirms that the Home mini found by the app.

Sound Test Configure Google Mini

5) Add to the location where you want to separate. Either it can be in the main hall, bedroom or garden. In my case, it is in the main hall.

6) Next, it will show the Wi-Fi networks the Google Home Mini can find in its range. You must see the new wireless network you like to configure, or even the old Wi-Fi but with the new Wi-Fi key.

7) Select the network and enter the Wi-Fi password.

Available Wifi

We have successfully reconfigured and changed the Wi-Fi password of the current Google Home mini device. To confirm the connectivity to the internet, ask something to Google assistance. It should answer anything except ask you to try later till it gets connected to the internet.

Ask Google assistance, whether it likes Apple Siri and enjoy the answer.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

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  1. after talking to google tech that wanted to charge me and lots of you tube, you solved my problem. thanks

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