10 Websites to Download Michael Jordan Wallpaper for Windows and macOS

Michael Jordan, also known as MJ is a former professional basketball player and he was one of the most marketed players of his generation. There are millions of people who idolize Michael Jordan and want to be like him someday. For those millions of fans, we have listed some websites which offer a huge collection of Michael Jordan wallpapers for them to download on their Windows PC or even on macOS.

His full name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan and he was born on 17th February 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the chairman and principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets. He played 15 National Basketball Association (NBA) seasons and he is known as the greatest basketball player of all time.Download Michael Jordan Wallpaper

He joined the Chicago Bulls in 1982 and quickly became a star player. In his career as an NBA player, he has played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. He won his first NBA championship in 1991. He is famous for his leaping ability and performing amazing slam dunks. He illustrated his leaping ability by performing a slam dunk from the free-throw line and earned the nickname Air Jordan.

Top 10 Websites Offer Michael Jordan Wallpaper

1) Basket Wallpapers

Basket Wallpapers is probably the best website for Michael Jordan fans, as it is a website made for basketball lovers. The website has tons of high-resolution wallpapers of Michael Jordan and other famous basketball players. The website is easy to browse through and the wallpapers can be downloaded on a Windows PC for free.

2) Wallpaperflare

Wallpaperflare is basically a tool which acts as a link between popular websites and you, it searches all the sites and collects most related wallpapers for PC and Mac OSX in the resolution of 720P, 1080P, 2K or 4K. All the images found on wallpaperflare are free so that you can download Michael Jordan’s wallpaper for free. After you search on wallpaperflare, they give you a choice whether to download the images directly from them or the searched website.


3) DeviantArt

DeviantArt is one of the most famous websites for HD wallpapers and offers a large number of wallpapers for Windows PC users to download. Not only does DeviantArt offer different genre of wallpapers, but it also offers a large collection of Michael Jordan wallpapers for his fans. Since it is a large website, users have to search for it and do some digging before they find the perfect wallpaper for their Windows PC.

4) Getty Images

It is of the most popular online photo-sharing platform. It has a strong global presence, a vast collection of images including exclusive images, and the best reputation in the market. This year they are celebrating their 25th anniversary, so you can imagine the experience they have in this field.

Their website has royalty-free images, which can be used for editorial or commercial purposes also. You can buy the desired image, and the prices vary according to the popularity and quality. Getty Images has the perfect photos for Michael Jordan fans.

MJ Main image

5) Wall Convert

Wall Convert is another wonderful website with a virtually unlimited amount of wallpapers which can be easily downloaded on a Windows PC for free. The website offers a large collection of wallpapers for his fans, including his famous slam dunks.

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6) Teahub.io

Teahub.io is a very basic website with rich content. The user interface and the graphics used on Teahub.io might look simple, but they have a large pool of images, the best part is all the photos are free. Images on Teahub.io can be HD or even 4K, and still, they’ll be very less in size because of the optimization that they are using. You can download all the wallpapers on this website without any restriction. When you search for Michael Jordan wallpaper, you’ll not only get good quality but also you’ll get images which are small in size.

7) Unsplash

It is one of the most beautifully made websites and has the best user experience; Unsplash has a community of photographers and contributors. Their website has more than 1 million images that you can search, so they certainly have the best wallpaper of Michael Jordan, which can be placed at the background on your PC or Mac.

Unsplash To Download Michael Jordan Wallpapers

8) Desktop Nexus

Desktop Nexus is famous for its simple user interface and high-resolution wallpapers. The website has one of the best and largest collections of MJ’s wallpapers. The users can easily download these high-resolution wallpapers.

9) Wallpaperaccess

Again a very basic website which has a high-quality pool of images. It has some fantastic Michael Jordan images, including animated images. They have various images on other topics too, to help the user during navigation. They have given some subcategories in which you can find the desired images, including Michael Jordan 4K images for PC or Mac by either searching or navigating to the Celebrity category on their website.

10) Celebrity9

As the name suggests, Celebrity9 is a website specifically for celebrity wallpapers. The website offers plenty of high-resolution wallpapers of world-famous celebrities, including Michael Jordan. His fans can browse the website and easily download wallpapers of their favorite basketball player on their Windows PC.

By reading about all the website you can see, we have sourced the best sites for you which help find Michael Jordan’s HD or 4K images for PC or Mac. You have to search on the search box of these websites, and you’ll get HD or 4K images of Michael Jordan. Most of the above sites let you download wallpaper for free in the best quality, but some can ask for a fee to download it, but then you can use the images for commercial use too.

All these websites are well known for their amazing wallpapers and simple user interface. We hope that Michael Jordan fans can easily find and download the wallpapers of their idol from these websites.

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