How to Close Apps on Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 [4 Methods Inside]

Using ‘Apps’ on the PC is a bit different from using the programs on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 users. As you are aware, Windows 8 comes with two types of interfaces which are tile-based metro UI and normal desktop mode. Closing a program or window in desktop mode is as same as earlier operating systems. But in metro UI, closing an app is really tricky and something new if you are new to Windows 8 or 8.1. This small guide shows all possible ways on how to close apps on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Usually, apps do not have close ( x ) or minimize button, once you open it, it will take and fill the full place of the screen. Since metro UI and apps are mainly created for tablets, you may need to use any of the below methods to close them on desktop or laptop computers.

Possible Ways – How to Close Apps on Windows 8 or 8.1

1) Use the cursor

If you are using a laptop or desktop, you can use the mouse pointer (cursor) to close apps. Move the cursor to the top of the app window, once the cursor changed as hand, left click, hold the mouse and drag it to bottom of the screen, (it’s like throwing the app to the bottom of the screen). See below video.

If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 in a tablet, you can use your finger for this purpose instead of the cursor.

2) Another way with the cursor

This way can be used to close multiple apps which are already running behind the next screen. For example, you can run multiple apps at the time in Windows 8.1 or 8, but you can view only one app on the screen (if you have not split the screen) at a particular time.

Simply move the cursor to top left corner of the screen. You will be seeing the opened apps and desktop mode screen. Right click on the app you need to close and click close.

Close multiple Apps on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

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3) Task Manager still works to close apps in Windows 8/8.1

When you are in Metro UI mode, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to task manager (it will automatically open in desktop mode). Here you can identify the apps you would like to close. Select the app and click ‘End task’ at right bottom.

close apps in windows 8 by task manager

4) ALT+F4

Here is your old time friend, yes, you can press ALT+F4 key together to close apps. Some of the apps may not detect ALT+F4 key combination, that time uses other methods mentioned earlier.

We are sure that the above four methods are helpful about how to close apps on Windows 8.1 and 8. It is easy and simple on Windows 10.

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  1. Whoever is posting these instructions to this website, is doing an outstanding job. The best thing, like on other sites, they just run-off at the mouth. Here, you inform and get to the point, and specific instructions. (P-s-s-t: Microsoft would do good to hire you, or have someone as smart as you are, in their employ)
    I am renaming the icon “Computer”, to “My Computer’. Now, if they could only find me a photo program that lets me put, adjust, and print, 5-15 cat/dog photos on one page (by grid, or collage), I would be thrilled.

  2. When I move the cursor to the top side of the screen, the Hand is not appearing instead I found simple closing option appearing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, how can I change it to the hands view????????????????
    Reply as soon as possible…………

    • I guess you are using Windows 8.1 update 1, which has menu bar with close and minimize buttons to make mouse usage easy. So you should not worry about hand option, use the close button which is easy with cursor.

  3. I got a windows tablet. I don’t have a mouse. I will appreciate if you could demo to me how you would close unwanted apps with finger. Thank you in advance 😉

  4. Hi,

    I got windows 8.1 OS ,it would previously close the app by dragging the window down,but now from few days it showing the X mark option to close the window.Please help to solve this.

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