How to Show This PC on Desktop – Windows 11/10

If you search for the “My Computer” (or This PC) icon on the Windows 11 or existing Windows 10 desktop, you will probably not find it unless someone manually added it. It is one of the favorite and helpful icons for all Windows users.

Follow the steps below to show This PC icon on the Windows 11/10 desktop. The same steps apply to Windows 8.1/7 if you still use these old Operating Systems.

If you want quick and easy access to your computer’s files and folders, you can show My Computer on desktop in Windows 11. Here’s how:

Windows 11 My Computer Icon

In Windows 11, the “My Computer” icon has been replaced with a new name, “This PC.” This change was made to provide a more user-friendly experience and align with the modern design of the operating system. Users can still access their files and drives by clicking on the “This PC” icon on the desktop or in the File Explorer.

How to Show This PC on Desktop – Windows 11/10

I’m demonstrating these steps from Windows 11, but these steps are identical on Windows 10 as well (except for slight changes in icons and appearance)

1) Right-click on the empty space on the desktop. Click on ‘Personalize’.

Peronalize Option

2) In Windows 11/10, it will take you to the settings app.

Click ‘Themes’ in the Personalization settings and ‘Go to desktop icon settings’ shown below.

Desktop Icon Settings

In Windows 8.1, you will get the classic control panel to customize the icon set.

Windows 8 settings

Tick the ‘Computer’ to show it on the desktop. Luckily, the ‘Recycle Bin’ is already ticked; if you can’t see the Recycle Bin or it is missing from the Windows 10/11 desktop, this is the first place you have to check and enable it.

Show This PC On Windows 11 10

3) The ‘This PC’ or ‘My Computer’ icon would appear on the desktop.

If you no longer want the “My Computer/This PC” icon to appear on your desktop, you can repeat these steps and uncheck the box next to “My Computer” to remove it.

Here is a short video of this method:

Add to Task Bar – This PC Windows 11

As you know, the start menu returned to Windows 10. The My Computer icon is not included in the start menu. You can follow the method below to pin the (This PC) icon to the start menu and list.

Also, the start menu was revamped in Windows 11, which looks great compared to earlier Microsoft Operating Systems.

This PC On Start Menu Windows 11

4) Right-Click on the ‘This PC’ icon after you have enabled it to display on the desktop. Select Pin to Start in Windows 11.

Pin To Start

You have an additional option to add ‘Pin to Start list’ in Windows 10.

pin my computer icon

So, this is what happens when you select ‘Start’ and ‘Start List’ in Windows 10.

start list in Windows 10

If you want to hide all icons from the desktop in Windows 10/11, here is the way.

Right Click on the empty space on the desktop, select View, and remove ‘Show desktop icons’ to hide all icons from the desktop. You can enable it to show all icons on the desktop again.

show all desktop icons

Can I Rename ‘This PC’ to ‘My Computer?

Yes, you can rename This PC to My Computer in Windows 11 or 10.

Simply click on the icon and press F2 (the standard rename keyboard shortcut), or select the rename option from right-click menu.

Change the name to ‘My Computer’, so you will not miss the familiar name.

Rename This PC Icons

Where can I find the This PC icon settings in Windows 11/10?

You can find the This PC icon settings by right-clicking on the desktop, selecting “Personalize,” then “Themes,” and finally, “Desktop icon settings.”

Set File Explorer to open My Computer Windows 11 by Default

To set File Explorer to open to This PC by default, open File Explorer, go to the View tab, select Options, and under the General tab, choose “This PC” from the drop-down menu next to “Open File Explorer.

We hope this guide helps on how to add This PC to desktop and customize the Recycle Bin icons/Taskbar.

If any of the above solutions did not fix the Windows PC issues, we recommend downloading the below PC repair tool to identify and solve any PC Issues.

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  1. Still I cannot see my desktop icons. The screen showing is locked and unable to press right click. Desktop files are there in C drive but showing on screen. It is showing only quick links and useful tools.

  2. This is so great. This was the clearest instruction I have ever had for anything. And it was exactly as you said and now my “pc” is on the desk and as soon as I post this, I will tack it to the bottom. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  3. Suddenly ‘This PC’ disappeared. In the themes/desktop icon section, Computer is checked (along with Recycle Bin). I can check/uncheck all the other icons (including This PC). Apply shows/hides appropriate icons, except for the Computer icon. It refuses to appear on the desk top. BTW Win 10.

    I have rebooted, checked/unchecked, etc. I can not get the computer icon to show on desktop. Am I heading into the registry to find issue? If so, where?

  4. I can’t seem to find my problem anywhere. I have a new Dell (almost one year old now) with the most recent update of Windows 10. Everything was fine until I noticed that when I clicked on the Document folder (This PC) it took me to a second Document folder and THEN it went to all my documents. Trying to make things better (one of the worst things I ever do) I moved all the documents up to the higher level Document folder. (Can’t remember what I did with the document folder I moved everything OUT of!) Later on I realized that the only things not getting backed up by my account with iDrive was the Documents (they’d previously been there and always got backed up before I moved them). So in order to get them backed up, they are now sitting in my User account but they are the only things not showing up in This PC. I am going crazy trying to figure this out. Can you help?

  5. Excellent article. I was confused about where the settings to show the desktop icons. And then I found this guide. Now I can easily add desktop icons easily. Thanks for sharing this! keep it up!

  6. Why does Microsoft do things like this/ Are they Brainless.? Do they enjoy aggravating the users? I have been using MS Windows since 1985 “Windows 1.3” They seem to follow the old adage “One step forward then two steps back.” Just this week they add Microsoft editor for EDGE, and it places their message window right on top of the error. Thus, you can not see the error.


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