VMDK to VDI in Windows

This article explains how you can convert vmdk to vdi in windows environment.  Vmdk is default disk file format in Desktop virtualization software VMware workstation and vdi is in sun VirtualBox.
There are some articles on internet about doing the same steps in Linux or sun environment. This method explains how to convert vmdk e to vdi file format in windows environment.

vmdk to vdi

I recommend two ways for vmdk to vdi

1)      It’s not required to convert vmdk to vdi to open your VMware workstation guest operating systems on VirtualBox, because VirtualBox supports VMware vmdk file as hard disk file.

Vmdk file can be added to sun VirtualBox media manager very easily. Check my earlier post on how to open vmdk file in sun VirtualBox.

After successfully added vmdk file to VirtualBox media manager. You can boot  OS from vmdk file by following steps;

Create a new virtual machine in virtual box with correct operating system. Instead of creating a new hard disk, select the existing vmdk disk file . That’s it, boot the OS. Do not worry about vmx file which is having VMware virtual machine configuration only. Vmx file only required for VMware.

This is the first step to use vmdk file in VirtualBox without converting to vdi format. Let’s go to second step.

2)      This step to convert vmdk file to vdi physically in windows environment. Some extra works to be done to archive this.

Twice we have to convert files to get vdi file.

Vmdk  –>raw  –>vdi

To convert vmdk file to raw format, we require third party software called QEMU manager. Download the latest version of QEMU manager here for Windows

Install it. We will not be using the GUI version of software.

Let’s say, I’m going to convert new Google chrome OS vmdk file to vdi format.
So first we will convert vmdk to raw format by following command.

vmdk to vdi

-O ( Capital O)

Above command created raw file (.bin) at specified location.

vmdk to vdi

(Don’t bother about VLC media file format)

QEMU manager’s part is completed with vmdk to raw file conversion.

Now we will use VirtualBox command to convert this raw file (.bin) to vdi format.

Use following command to convert,

Vboxmanage convertfromraw  <raw file location>  <vdi file location>

vmdk to vdi

If all correct, without any error message you can see vdi file in destination.

Desktop virtualization software

Then, simply you can use this vdi in sun VirtualBox media manager (also you can vmdk files in VirtualBox media manager)

These are the easy steps to convert vmdk file to vdi file in windows environment.

If you want to use qemu-img or vboxmanage commands in windows computer anywhere, I mean not from the program location, you can add the paths of these commands in ‘ Environment Variables’ under system properties.

Just for easy reference, see below picture.

Desktop virtualization software

I’m expecting to hear your comments and problems in this vmdk to vdi conversion.

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