[Solid Way] Reset Windows 8.1, 2012 R2 Server Password for Administrator and Users

Very rarely you would be needing to reset/remove password of administrator or other user on a computer/server.  When you come across this type situation, I’m sure that would be in an urgent and serious situation where you need to act quickly and surely. Here is the simple and 100% guaranteed method to reset Windows 8.1 and 2012 R2 server password of administrator or any other users. This method doesn’t take long to find the existing password, it just simply removes the password within seconds (almost instantly)

Whats the meaning of 100% guaranteed method? usually there are several free (long ways) and  paid products available which claim that they can reset a forgotten password, but not all of them are easy to use by everyone and it doesn’t work as they say most of the time. This following particular method takes just around 20 seconds to remove a password from a PC or Windows server. It doesn’t use any dictionary word matching method to find the password, instead it removes it within few clicks.

Yes, its a paid product at very cheap price but the outcome will be valuable with 100% success rate and very simple methods to reset Windows 2012 R2 server and Windows 8.1 password.

It’s the same product Spotmau Bootsuite (or password recovery) which we used earlier to reset Windows 8 and 2012 server admin password.

Simple Ways to Reset Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 Forgotten Password

1) Purchase and download Spotmau Bootsuite from official site here. Bootsuite contains other great utilities which very useful for daily computer usage and when you are in trouble, so worth buying.

forgotten Windows 2012 R2 password

2) Install Bootsuite on a computer where you have access. We have to install this program to make a bootable CD (or even you can order online) which can be used on the computer where forgotten password need to be reset.

Open Bootsuite wizard and create a bootable CD.

password reset CD for Windows 8.1

3) By using this bootable CD, boot the Windows 8.1 or Windows 2012 R2 server where you need to reset or remove administrator password.

Select the option under ‘Password & Key Finder’ as shown below.

select user to reset

Press ‘Admin Password Resetter’.

Download Spotmau Bootsuite here

4) This utility is intelligent enough to detect the OS version and list out the local user accounts on the computer or server. Select the user account who’s password need to be reset. As we said earlier it will remove the password for corresponding user account almost instantly by a single click, no waiting and 100% guaranteed password reset method.

Select the user and click ‘Reset’.

password removal

Once you confirm the password reset, you will get the successful message.

succesfull password removal


That’s it, no more hassles or waiting to find the complex password, it has just removed (reset or hacked) the Windows 8.1 or Windows 2012 R2 administrator password.

Now you should be able to login to the  server or computer without typing a password by the specific user account which you reset just now. It’s recommended to setup a new password at next login.

You can grab this wonderful, simple and 100% guaranteed reset Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 password tool from here


  1. lk says

    Yes ,RESET IT
    and then what happen when the drive is protected by encryption with by Bit-Locker ;-)

  2. Maria says

    All softwares from spotmau seems to be out of maintenance. I prefer to use PCUnlocker Live CD which is more powerful than spotmau bootsuite.