Top 7 FreeNas Alternative For Your PC

FreeNas Alternative

Commercial products are not always the right option. Many times, free & open-source alternatives are better compared to their paid counterparts. One such platform that we will talk about in this article is the FreeNas alternative. FreeNAS is a free platform that helps to set …

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OpenSUSE VirtualBox Image

Working OpenSUSE On VB

openSUSE, formerly known as SuSE Linux professional or SUSE Linux, is a Linux distribution that is sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH and other companies. Across the world, this Linux distribution is being used extensively. The focus of this development system is to create usable, open-source …

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VectorLinux VDI Download

VectorLinux Desktop

Here is the VectorLinux VDI download page. What sets VectorLinux different from a variety of other Linux distributions are stability, performance, and speed. VectorLinux is a fast LINUX operating system that is meant for Intel-AMD x 86 compatible systems and is designed upon Slackware –  which is …

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Latest Kubuntu VDI Download for Oracle VirtualBox

Latest Kubuntu VDI

You have reached the correct place to download the latest Kubutu VDI pre-installed VirtualBox image. Kubuntu is an open-source, free, Linux kernel-based operating system developed by the community spread across the world. Many developers, supporters and testers are contributing to the betterment of Kubuntu OS. …

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