How to Change Date Format in Windows 10/11 to dd-mm-yyyy

Usually, most of the users want to change the date format in Windows 10 or Windows 11 to match their regional or specific applications’ requirements. If you are using a different date format in your country, then definitely this post will be helpful to modify it as you want. This post will show you how to change the date format in Windows 10/11 to dd-mm-yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy.

Changing the date format from mm-dd-yyyy to dd-mm-yyyy is not straightforward since this format is not included in the system.

By default, Windows 10/11 comes with MM-dd-yyyy format. If you are not using this format in your region, you must change it. The other programs like Microsoft Office and email clients will be reading this regional date setting and displaying the date in the same format.


  • We can change the date format from the existing list by using the Settings App in Windows 11 or Windows 10. We can’t add any new formats here.
  • We need to use the classic control panel regional format settings to add or modify the custom date formats, including dd-mm-yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not add dd-mm-yyyy or d-m-yyyy formats in the pre-built format column. We can manually enter the required format in advanced settings.

Important Note- This method is also applicable for Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2019 servers. You can use the same settings to change the date format in the latest Windows servers.

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Change Date Format to dd-mm-yyyy From mm-dd-yyyy

Note: We can change the date and time format from the settings app. But this place helps select the formats listed by Microsoft.

In Windows 10

Search for ‘date’ and select the change format options as shown below.

Date Format Search

You can select the desired format from the short and long date format dropdowns. Unfortunately, you can’t add any new formats here.

Format Selection

In Windows 11

1) In Windows 11, you can find similar settings under ‘Regional format’. Search for ‘Region’ and click on the ‘Set regional format’ option.

Windows 11 Region Format

2) Select ‘Language & region’ in the following settings screen.

3) Under ‘Regional format’, click the drop-down option to see the current format settings. Click on ‘Change formats’ to modify the date format.

Change Format Option

4) You can change the ‘Short date’ format from the drop-down option. If you are happy with any existing formats, you can choose one of your favourite ones.

Change Short Date Format In Windows 11

But, as we witnessed in Windows 10, from the settings app, we can’t add the new formats that we want, including dd-mm-yyyy.

NOTE: We can use the same steps to change back to mm/dd/yyyy date format in Windows 11/10.

Add dd-mm-yyyy from Classic Control Panel in Windows 10/11

If we need to add a custom format for our requirements, we need to access the regional control panel settings. As you are aware, the control panel can be accessed differently in each Operating system.

1) It is easy to access the control panel in Windows 7. Windows 10 and Win 11 users can follow the below steps.

Search for the control panel in Windows 10 as below.

search control panel in Windows 10

Even though the following screenshots were taken from Windows 10, the settings remain the same for other Windows 7 and 8.1 Operating Systems.

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2) Under Regional Settings (or Clock, Language, and Region), click on ‘Change date, time, or number formats’ as shown below.

change date to dd-mm-yyyy in Windows 10

Also, you can search for ‘Region’ in Windows 11/10 search to reach this place directly.

Region Control Panel

3) You can see the pre-defined date formats on the next screen. Click the drop-down button and see whether the format you are looking for is available. As I mentioned earlier, the dd-mm-yyyy format is not included in the list. Also, the mm/dd/yyyy is also not available here.

default date format

Click on ‘Additional settings’ to open another window allowing inputting our format.

Dd Mm Yyyy In Windows 11
dd-mm-yyyy effect in Windows 11

4) We can change the date format in Windows 10 or 8.1/7. Under the ‘Date’ tab, you can change the ‘Short date’ format. It will take your input.

Make sure you are entering the correct format with notations. The meaning of the notations is available below. Click Apply to save the settings.

If any of the above solutions did not fix the Windows PC issues, we recommend downloading the below PC repair tool to identify and solve any PC Issues.

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  1. i want to set the date format as per dd/mm/yyyy in my pc with windows 7 but in change format this isn’t appear give me the solution

  2. I want to change the long date format to mm/dd/yyyy, but it is not in the list. How would I do that??

    Mine is windows 8.1

  3. It is a great time visiting your site. It’s really a pleasure knowing a site like this so much with great information. I also know another way to change data format Windows 7. With the help of Windows password reset tool- Windows Password Key Standard.

  4. It is a great time visiting your site. It’s really a pleasure knowing a site like this so much with great information. This helped me a lot, THANK YOU!

  5. Actually changing the first setting on that control panel setting to your actual region should restore the date setting you would most commonly use there.

    The setting where on your screenshot it says “Match Windows display language (default)”

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if the win 10 upgrade took the time to match the regional date format in the replacement operating system.

  7. In my (newly installed) Windows 10 the screens don’t look a bit like that and I can find no advanced option. I cannot put a screen shot on this but there are just five boxes and the options don’t include the ones I want. Any ideas?

    • In Control panel from the clock setting section pick “Region” find UK then select the dd/mm/yy option click apply. Simples!

  8. Crazy that Windows assumes everyone is North American. The rest of the world doesn’t read dates this way, and they’re not going to convert people by leaving out the option the rest of the world uses.

  9. I have changed the region, added d/m/y format and downloaded the language pack for New Zealand. My system date is correct, yet in Excel it is still finding the USA format somewhere and causing issues! So frustrating!!

  10. Anna, you do you mean in the cells themselves (in that case right click the cells click Format cells – Date and then check the Locale(Location) is set correctly for where you live) or are you trying to use VBA (which only uses US format and so you need to convert it when writing back to a cell).

  11. Just to say that the US date format was not compatible with my Sage 50 v12 and I was facing an expensive update.

    However yr notes advising that I can set my own format (dd/mm/yyyy) were most helpful and the Sage software now works fine.

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