[Guide] How to Downgrade Windows 7 Ultimate to Professional Without Formatting

Recently I had to install/downgrade Windows 7 Ultimate to Professional without formatting or reinstalling OS on one of the friend’s computer. Though both are same Windows 7 family, it is not easy to switch the versions easily. The following method is to fake the Windows OS and tells that we have the professional version, then upgrade to the real version. The Ultimate version is the higher version of Windows 7 and it can’t be downgraded to lower versions officially without formatting or doing a fresh installation. Anyhow, I found a trick to downgrade Windows 7 ultimate to Professional easily without the new installation.

I’m not the owner of this trick, but I can confirm this works well.

Steps to Downgrade Windows 7 Ultimate to Professional

We are going to two 2 steps.

  1. Change registry key and tell Windows that we have the Professional version (Take extra precaution while modifying the registry, better take a backup of the registry before doing any changes)
  2. Insert the actual Windows 7 Professional CD and start the upgrade

Before starting the installation, just change two keys in Registry. It is like you are faking the Windows 7 installation that you are using the same version which you are going to install in next step. In my case, I had to change the key to ‘ Windows 7 Professional ’. Make sure you are typing the exact and correct OS version which is written on your installation DVD.

Downgrade Windows 7 Ultimate to Professional

After you change the registry key, insert the Windows 7 Professional installation medium and start the upgrade.

Make sure you have enough of space in ‘System Partition’ (usually C drive). Allocate enough time since this will copy your personal data first, downgrade the OS and then copy back your data. If the computer data is so critical, I advise taking backup of your important data.

I suggest to clean up (move to the different location) your personal data (such as Desktop, My Documents..etc) before start the downgrade to save time.

By using this method I managed to downgrade Windows 7 Ultimate to Professional on the laptop, I recommend reading the original source with more details and screen shots.

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17 thoughts on “[Guide] How to Downgrade Windows 7 Ultimate to Professional Without Formatting”

    • Jay,
      That’s a good question.
      This is for the people who installed cracked and beta/demo higher versions and now want to install licensed copy of lessor versions.

    • MS will be dropping support for ultimate years before pro so thats one good reason. Also ultimate does not offer anything extra to me that I would want so pro works fine for me.

      • i downgraded to pro because i have HP probook 4530 s, although all drivers works fine with ultimate but wifi and bluetooth drivers are not compatible , also not provided from manufacturer .. 🙁

    • Hi,
      mi name is Aaron, in my case, i have Windows 7 Ultimate, (hack version), but now I want Install Windows 7 Professional because I have a key product original, that is the reason for a downgrade.

      • Hey ,
        try using windows anytimE UPGRADE & type the product key of w7 pro, its done.I’ve used this before let’s see its working for you or not

      • Hi, I have window 7 ultimate Hack version too. I try to change the registration ID to downgrade to window 7 professional version. But I can’t find the folder or right path. Is there any one can help me? Thanks.

  1. If somewone likes the olderthings than the newer Win7. The two are for better network applications that and a whold crapload of cash. I completly love my setup now I’ll show you in a sec.

    1. Never ever use a Motherboard that does and has more on it than you need to use. I good see very good price on a (CPU) and Make sure that you use an AMD chip. Because they are listed at halfprice

  2. hey i tried ur method of changing the registry from ultimate to professional but when i run update it comes up a message saying the current windows is a newer version than the one u trying to update. how can i fix this

    • Ris,
      I suspect the registry value is not update properly, or some spelling mistakes. Please check again. Restart the PC after registry change and try again.

      • i have double check and there is no spell mistake. here is the exact message error which came up “Your current version of Windows is more recent than the version you are trying to upgrade to. Windows cannot complete the upgrade”. also how can i update registry value.

  3. Thanks for this, I have just used it to downgrade an expired hacked Ultimate version to a licensed Pro version.

  4. Hey, I’d a problem doing this… It still shows the compatibility error even when I’ve changed the registry values…! What to do now… Please Help! :\

  5. i got windows 7 ultimate (hacked) so evry tym i turn on my system it says me to get a genuine version of windows. bt nw m tryin to dwngrade it to basic cz dats wot i had earlier n evn my original product key isn’t workin. so wot sud i do nw???

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