How to Find the IP Address of a Printer in Windows 10 and 8.1

In some cases, you need to find the IP address of a printer (which is connected through the network) at your office or home. For example, when you need to install that network printer on a different computer or to troubleshoot the network connectivity of the existing printer. Though there are several ways available to find the IP of a network printer, in this guide you would learn how to find the IP address of a printer from Windows 10 and 8.1. Also, we mentioned a few more methods at the end of this guide.

It is always recommended to have a static IP for a printer, so it will have an IP permanently. Therefore, whenever the printer or the DHCP server (Which could be your Internet router) restarts, the IP of the printer will remain the same. That will be easy to remember and track. We will mainly see how to get the printer IP from the OS level from your Windows 10 or 8.1 laptops and desktops.

Steps to Find the IP Address of a Printer in Windows 10 /8.1

1) Go to the control panel to view the printers’ settings. To access it quickly and simply, search for ‘printers’ in the search bar from Windows 8.1 charm bar. Windows 10 doesn’t have a charm bar, you can simply search for ‘printers’ in the search option.

search in charm bar

Click settings then ‘Devices and Printers’ as shown below.

find printers in widows 8

2) Once it has listed out the installed printers, right-click on the printer you need to know the IP address.

Select ‘Printer properties’ from the menu, Note – Not the ‘Properties’ at last.

click printer properties

3) In the properties box, go to ‘Ports’. The network port of the printer would have been ticked here, select the port and click Configure Port.

Mostly you can make out the printer IP from the port field itself ( in this example), but this is just the port name and the actual IP could be different on the next screen.

find the ip address of printer in Windows 8

4) As you see below, the Printer Name or IP Address field will show the actual IP address of a printer in Windows 10 or 8.1.

actual IP of printer in Windows 8.1

Remember that the port name and IP address could be different in a few exceptional cases, so do not decide the IP by the port name of a printer.

To make sure that the IP address of the printer can be reached from your computer through the network, open the command prompt (type cmd in search) and type ping  and Enter. You should get a successful ping reply message as shown below which indicates the proper network communication between the computer and network printer.

ping sucess

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Other Ways to Find the IP of a Printer

Here are some alternate ways to find out the IP or a network printer, either it can be a wired or wireless printer.

a) Configuration Page

Most of the printers have the ability to print the configuration page by pressing a single or a combination of the buttons on the printer. The configuration sheet can give the network IP of the wired and wireless connection. Since every printer has different options to get this printout, better check the user manual to learn more about your printer model.

b) From Printer Display

Also, we can view the IP address of the printer by pressing menu buttons, navigating to network settings and under IPv4. If your printer has a display screen, this should be possible without printing the configuration page.

c) Check the Router DHCP leased IP addresses

If the printer is set to get automatic IP from the router or DHCP server, you can access your router or server to find out the leased IP addresses. These are the IPs given to network devices that are connected to your network. If you have a small home network, then accessing this list will easily help you to find the printer IP. You may find your computers, smartphones and any other devices which are connected (and authenticated properly) to the network.

Mostly you will find the printer name or model or brand name in the list. If you do not find anything related to it, knowing the MAC address of the printer will be helpful. MAC address can be found under or behind the printer. Matching the MAC address on the DHCP leased IPs will enable you to get the IP address of the printer.

MAC Address Of A Printer

But this method is applicable only if the printer is set to get IP automatically, this is not valid if a static IP is already configured to the printer manually. In this case, try the next method.

d) Scan your network

There are free network scanning tools available to scan and find the devices connected to your network. If the tool is smart enough, it will capture the printer model, name or brand. If not, definitely it will get the MAC address of all devices. You can match it with your printer MAC address and find the correct IP.

Scan Connected Devices

One of the above steps will be easy and handy to find the IP address of a printer in any circumstances.

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