How to Insert Angle Symbol in Word 365, 2021/2019 (All Versions)

If you want to know how to insert angle symbol in Word, you are at the right place to learn. Unfortunately, this symbol is not available on the keyboard.

A few people wrongly add the ‘greater than’ symbol on the keyboard. Since that is incorrect, this guide shows how to add the angle symbol in Microsoft Word 365/2021/2019 and other older versions.

Ways to Insert Angle Symbol in Word (All Versions of Microsoft Versions)

  • The angle symbol is part of the ‘more symbols’ in the MS Word insert tool.
  • Under the Font type, select Cambria Match, and then the subset is Mathematical Operators.
  • Also, the shortcut is 2220 and Alt + X

Simple Steps to Follow to Add Angle Sign in Word

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1) Keep the cursor where you want to insert the symbol in MS Word.

2) Click on the Insert tab, then Symbol.

Insert Symbol Option

3) Select more symbols.

Select More Option

4) Select ‘Cambria Math’ under Font. To find out the angle symbol easily, select ‘Mathematical Operators’.

Angle Symbol In Word

Scroll down to find the angle symbol. You will find the angle, measured angle, Spherical angle, and other related mathematical symbols. Also, you can see the shortcut keys for each symbol when you select them.

You can insert  by clicking it.

5) Next time, it will show under the recently used symbols to add it quickly.

Recently Used Symbols

How to Type Angle Symbol in Word: Alternative Method – Keyboard Shortcut

Type 2200 on your MS Word document and press Alt+X on your keyboard. You will notice that the 2200 number will be converted to an angle symbol.

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Search Online and Insert

If none of the built-in methods works on your Microsoft Word in Windows 10 or Windows 11 computers for some reason, you can search online and copy the angle symbol.

Search For Angle Symbol

We mentioned all three possible steps about how to insert the angel symbol in Word document. By the way, you can use these same methods to insert angle symbols in Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook as well.

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