How to Make One Page Landscape In Word – MS Word 2016/2019/Office 365

There will be some cases you need to change the page layout from portrait to landscape on one page when your single Word document has multiple pages. Changing all pages to the same orientation is simple and easy, but how to make one page landscape in Word? Follow the instructions.

To break the page format from one page to the next page in a single document, we will use the section break we discussed earlier here. Also, there is an alternate method I mentioned secondly to use without using page break.

Change One page to Landscape in MS Word

In this example, we will change the below page (Page 3) to the landscape.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Click on the page end (2nd page) – The previous page of the page you want to change to landscape.

Keep The Cursor

Go to ‘Layout’ -> ‘Breaks’ -> ‘Next Page’.

Layout And Breaks

That will create a new section.

If you already have content on the page, probably it will create a new page and push your content down to the next page. In this case, you need to delete the space to bring back your content to the earlier place. No worries, our new page break will be there.

Now click on the ‘Orientation’ and change to landscape.

Make sure you are on the correct page before doing this change. Here is the changed page layout in my example.
Change One Page To Landscape

As you could notice, this will change all pages below where you applied the section break to the landscape.

If that is not your intention, then you need to apply one more page break where you want to change back the pages to portrait.

Keep the cursor at end of the page which is before the page you want to change the layout and add a section break as we did earlier.

Go to ‘Layout’ -> Breaks -> Next Page.

Now click ‘Layout’ and change the ‘Orientation’ to ‘Portrait’.

Change Other Pages To Portrait

This will change the page layout for all pages below where we applied page break. Here is my example.

Changed Landscape

If you think the above method is little complicated to change one page to landscape in Microsoft Office Word, here is another quick way.

Alternate Method

With the same document we are discussing in this example, let’s assume that we will change the page 5 to landscape.

a) Select the all content (text/image) on the page (page 5).

Selected Content

b) Click on ‘Margins’ and ‘Custom Margins’.

Custom Margin

c) Select ‘Landscape’ in the Orientation, then apply to ‘Selected Text’ only. This will change the chosen texts/images to landscape mode. Since we selected all content on a particular page, the entire page will be converted to the landscape.

Selected Text Only

You can clearly see that the only the particular page changes to landscape while others stay in portrait mode.

Only One Page To Landscape In MS Word

I’m sure the 2nd method is straightforward and quick without complicating with Section breaks. If you find any better methods to make one page to landscape in Word 2016/2019 and Office 365 versions, feel free to share. By the way, this method is applicable for older versions as well such as 2013, 2010 and 2007 if you are still using them.

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