How to Remove Section Break in Word – View and Insert Too

Section break in Microsoft Word is handy if you want different formats on different pages on a single document. For example, suppose you like to have 2 columns paragraphs on specific pages only. In that case, the Section break feature is convenient to keep different formats like page numbers, header and footer on every page but in the same Office Word document.

Here is the guide about how to remove section break in Word 2013/2016/2019 and Office 365. Also, we will show you how to view and insert it wherever you want in the document.

You can use these same steps for previous MS office versions, such as Word 2010 and Word 2007. You will find similar options in each version but could be with a different interface or in a location.

Insert Section Break in Word

1) Keep the cursor where you want to have section breaks.

Keep cursor to insert section break in Word

Go to ‘Page Layout (or Layout)’ in the MS Word ribbon and click ‘Breaks’.

You can select Next Page or Continues in this area. ‘Next Page’ is to add the section break on the next page. If you like to change the format from the next page, you can use this option.

‘Continues’ can be used if you need to break and change the format on the same page.

insert section break

2) You can’t see section breaks in MS Word in the standard view. To view the existing page breaks in your document, change the view option to ‘Draft’ as shown below.

Draft mode to view section breaks

Or you can enable ‘Show/Hide’ in the main home ribbon bar.

Enable show & hide

CTRL+SHIFT+8 in the keyboard shortcut to enable and disable Show/hide.

Using the above methods, you can view all section breaks in MS Word in older and newer versions like Office 365 and 2019.

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How to Remove Section Break in MS Word

Sometimes we need to remove section breaks to keep the same header, footer, page numbering and format of the page/paragraph across all the pages in a Word document.

You can simply delete the section breaks in Word when you see them using one of the earlier mentioned methods. Keep the cursor and press Delete on the keyboard.

Remove section break in Word

This simple and small guide would help insert, view and delete page breaks in all Word versions on any Operating system like Windows or Mac computers.

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