How to Change the Font Size in Sticky Notes – Windows 10

Sticky notes are one of the most used applications available on Windows PC after Notepad.

It provides an easy to use and clean interface to save notes instantly without any issue.

There are times when we wanted to increase sticky notes font size but was unable to do so. Hence to fix this issue Microsoft after the Windows 10 Anniversary update, rolled out a new version of Sticky notes under Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It offers a few fantastic features that were missing in its previous version.

Sample Note

The newest version of Sticky notes ( comes with features like a custom colour option, provide insights, but missing built-in font size adjustment.

No Option To Change Font Size

To change the font size of sticky notes, there is currently only one option available, i.e. by Ease of Access option under the control panel.

Using the Ease of Access option, will not only change the font size of the app but for the complete Windows 10.

Sticky Notes Fonts change in Windows 10

  1. To change sticky notes fonts, go to control panel by pressing WINDOWS + I key together or from the start -> type in search bar -> control panel
  2. Under control panel -> Ease of Access option
  3. Ease of Access -> look for “Make everything bigger” -> Select 150%
Change Sticky Notes Font Size

It will change the font size of all application from the current 100% to 150%, and that will also affect Sticky notes.

Please note, there is no direct way to change sticky notes fonts only without affecting other applications.

Feature of Sticky Notes

  • Allows the option to change the colour of sticky notes
  • Track usage of sticky notes and get insights
  • Allows sync feature when signed in to sync sticky notes from all connected devices automatically
  • Provide an option to add images directly into sticky notes and also provides text formatting options to change the outlook of the content of the sticky note.
  • Sticky notes calendar reminders can be synced with Cortana to provide a voice-based auto-reminder.
  • Sticky notes detect addresses, emails, and cell numbers, and it can be done by just pressing on the piece of text, and it will open mail or skype or maps based on selection.

Sticky Notes Keyboard Shortcuts:

While working in sticky notes, knowing a keyboard shortcut saves a lot of time and also increases speed while working in the app.

Here are few of the best shortcuts one can use while working in Sticky Notes:

  • Ctrl+L – To align text towards left
  • Ctrl+R – To align text towards the right
  • Ctrl+E – To align text towards the centre
  • Ctrl+1 – Add single-space lines
  • Ctrl+2 – Add a double-space lines
  • Ctrl+5 – To set a 1.5-line spacing
  • Ctrl+= – To subscript text formatting
  • Ctrl+Shift++ – To superscript text
  • Ctrl+B – Can be used to text Bold
  • Ctrl+I – Can be used to make text Italic
  • Ctrl+T – Can be used to strikethrough
  • Ctrl+U – Can be used to underlined text
  • Ctrl+Shift+> – To increase text size
  • Ctrl+Shift+< – To decreased text size
  • Ctrl+A – To select all items on sticky notes
  • Ctrl+Shift+A – To toggles all text into capital letters
  • Ctrl+Shift+L – Can be used to make text bulleted when it is pressed once and to make numbered by pressing twice the shortcut key


Sticky notes are simple note-keeping application that will remain a standalone product will never offer full fledge note-keeping application that comes loaded with multiple features like that of Microsoft OneNote.

Do let us know your comment regarding sticky notes fonts and what is your suggestion to improve the app as a whole.

Abhishek is a software engineer by profession, have worked with Fortune 50 companies globally. He holds many renowned certifications from Google, Microsoft, Adobe & many more.

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