Increase Screen Resolution with Wide Screen support for Mac OS X Virtual Machine in VMware Player and Workstation

After you have successfully installed the Mac OS X on VMware Workstation as VM on Windows host and you are facing the issue on getting the full resolution, this post will be helpful. As you aware that macOS is not officially supported as VM on Windows host, we have published several Hackintosh methods to install it for testing purpose. Since it is not official, you may face several issues inside the VM when you use it. The screen resolution issue is one of them.

The following method shows how to overcome the problem. The big advantage of this method is it supports multiple screen resolutions and widescreen Mac OS X support also.

There is a manual method to increase Mac virtual machine screen size, which is mentioned here. This method allows getting only one screen resolution at a time and widescreen resolution is not supported.

Here, we will see how to increase screen resolution to multiple options include widescreen for Mac Leopard virtual machine inside VMware Workstation or Player.

Simple Steps

1)      Download the Mac VGA driver for VMware here.

2)      Install the package in Mac OS X

Screen Resolution Wide Screen Mac OS X

3)      Restart the Mac Virtual machine. That’s it. Now you can see multiple screen resolution options in the Mac virtual machine.

Screen Resolution Wide Screen Mac OS X Screen Resolution Wide Screen Mac OS X

This driver worked well in VMware workstation and VMware Player for Mac virtual machines Leopard and Snow Leopard. We have not tested on the latest version of Mac OS since the driver was not updated by the developer for some time. If you want to try on the latest version, it is highly recommended to take a snapshot of the VM before you try the drive. You can easily recover the VM to earlier working state in case this driver creates the problem on the latest Mac OS versions.

You can try this method to increase Mac OS X screen resolution if you are running Mac on VMware by following methods.

Install and run Mac on VMware Workstation

Install and run Mac on VMware Player

Don’t forget to drop a comment if this method useful for you or face any difficulties.

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28 thoughts on “Increase Screen Resolution with Wide Screen support for Mac OS X Virtual Machine in VMware Player and Workstation”

    • @Vishal Joisar,
      Proper VMware tools required to get all features you want. Unfortunately its not available officially as VMware doesn’t support Mac OS X as guest. We have to manage with these all, or try the Snow leopard on VMware where you get most of them except unity mode.

  1. Also a way to install vmware tools will solve my problem i guess but cant find a way to install those on mac os x 🙁

  2. Hi,

    I have long been looking for a way to run Mac on my Windows 7 PC, until I came across your tweet which lead me to the successful running of Mac for the first time. The steps has been really helpful, cause I have a Lenovo G560 which doesn’t have VT. I tried your earlier post on running Mac OS X Leopard on VirtualBox (that is, with VT enabled) that was when I realized my Lappy does not support VT, so I shelved running Mac till I get anoda lappy. Now, I have a touch of Mac for the first time, so I do not need to buy anoda. Thumbs Up!!!

  3. Still no solution for increasing the resolution with VirtualBox, but there was a VB update today, to 3.2.10. Now I do not crash on shutdown!
    The resolution thing is killer though. All the aforementioned steps do not work with VBox. If someone actually does get it working, I would love to know how… exactly how. Anyway, grab the VBox update today! I am running the latest OSX on my VBox 3.2.10 r66523.

    • @Eric Townsend,
      Thanks for your repose.
      Sorry about screen resolution issue. It worked for some users and not for others. I have no idea how to help you except two posts I already published and updated with working methods from visitors.
      Keep trying and visiting these blog posts for updates, you will fix one day.
      Good luck.

  4. Thank you so much this acutally WORKED!! I was holding my breath while it restarted and this came through for me. Haha.

  5. Is there a way to increase the VRAM?
    Keynote is saying the computer does not have enough VRAM to play the slideshow. This message is there for any resolution, and the listed VRAM is 19 MB.

  6. Hi,

    I installed the driver and now things got worse. OS X does not boot any more. The little circulating symbol on the gray start screen gets frozen and nothing happens after that. Is there any way to uninstall this driver without staring OS X? Thanks a lot.

  7. Danko I also have the same problem. Won’t get past the boot screen now. Running on a Dell XPS M1530 under Win 7 x64 (Hardware Virtualization turned off)

    • I solved the problem by reinstalling everything from scratch and then using a different installation package for OS X. With that one everything worked just fine even without a need to install additional drivers.

      As VMware officially does not support OS X, some things don’t work (e.g. iWork, FrontRow, some function keys, …). So, the entire setup is of limited use.

      • Thanks, i’ll try another OS X image.

        I am mainly just looking to test some networking setup and take a look at the OS to see what it is like.

        I am considering a Macbook 13″ / Pro 13″ when I replace my computer in a few months.

        I will run about 50/50 OS X/Windows because I do a lot of .NET desktop and Web development using C# and Visual Studio.

        Mainly want a mac for the size, not many 13″ laptops are cheaper or as light / thin. Not that fussed about the OS

        Cheers for advice.

  8. i am not able to acess the pen drive . can u tell how can i do it?????
    Since vmware tools will not install on mac . is there any alternative.

    Also tell be bro how to share files between windows 7 host and guest mac.
    and similarly between windows 7 host and guest u ubuntu

  9. I installed and all the resolutions came up but when I clicked on my resolution I only have a black screen and don’t know how to revert it

  10. Version of VGA driver that is compatible with this guest is 1.2.3 (look into Archive at the Sourceforge).

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