What Does NFS Mean on Instagram? Things to Know!

If you are an Instagram user, the abbreviation NFS has definitely appeared more than once while Instaragmming. What does NFS Mean on Instagram?

NFS is a common acronym used on the Instagram platform. But not a lot of people know the actual phrases behind this little abbreviation. NFS doesn’t have a singular meaning; it has several with almost endless variations.

So, in the article below, we have discussed what NFS means on Instagram and other platforms.

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The Origin of NFC Acronym 

Initially, the NFS acronym was used for the term, NOT FOR SALE. But a lot has changed since then. Now, the acronym is not only used to define “Not For Sale” but a variety of terms. 

Basically, it was a term used by advertisers to alert customers or potential customers regarding the availability of specific products that are out of shelve or can’t be ordered. 

The other terms that use this specific abbreviation are; Need For Speed, No Filter Sunday, Not Following Specified, and No Funny Sh*t.  

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram? 

Well, NFS is one of the most used acronyms on Instagram. The abbreviation has different variations, and each variation has a different meaning. Some use it to define something specific, some to provide product availability, and some as slang. 

So, in complete transparency, the acronym NFS can’t be defined with a single meaning. You can type NFS on a text, but it would stand for different phrases, depending on the people and the situation.

You can use it as slang (No Funny Sh*t), telling the person that the product is Not For Sale, or telling your friend that you are unavailable for the NFS session today. In this case, NFS means Need For Speed. It’s a racing game. 

The Other Meaning of NFS on Instagram

The answer to what NFS means on Instagram doesn’t end just here. It’s a diverse topic, and its meaning doesn’t end with just the three abbreviations discussed above. So, if you are still wondering about the other meaning of NFS on Instagram, here’s our small list.   

  1. NFS or No Filter Sunday is a popular term used the Instagrammers. Content creators use it when they post content on Sundays. 
  2. Not Following Specified or NFS is specifically used when you are following someone, but they are not following you. 
  3. No Followers Syndrome or NFS is used not only on Instagram but also on TikTok. People who have fewer followers and do not have proper visibility use this acronym. 

What does NFS Mean in Texting?  

In the modern age of texting, almost no one likes to type an entire word. Texting is the preferred form of communication adopted by young people, and instead of using the actual word, they use shortcuts like SYT, NFS, TTYL, and more. 

Meaning Of NFS When Texting

People often use NFS during informal communication with friends and colleagues. Most of the time, it means Not For Sure. No Funny Sh*t is another form of the acronym NFS. It is slang, also used in informal texting.

NFS in Gaming  

There’s not much to discuss regarding the meaning of NFS in gaming. Need For Speed is one of the longest-running franchises in gaming. It is a racing game developed by Criterion and published by Electronic Arts. The company is also known by the abbreviation EA Games. 

What Does NFS Mean In Gaming

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NFS in Computing?  

NFS also means Network File System. It is a specified term used for computing only. A network file system (NFS) is a distributed file system. It allows users on a client computer to access files over a computer network. Basically, this is a process of storing files on a network, popularly known as the cloud. So, when uploading files on Google Drive or iCloud, you are actually employing the NFS system. 

NFS in Business

Today, NFS has different meanings. It is one of the widely used acronyms, and Instagram made it famous. Originally, NFS came from the term, Not For Sale, used for business purposes. Businesses use the acronym to identify products that aren’t available for sale.

What does NFS Mean in Tinder & Other Dating Apps?  

Today, dating apps are in trend. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, and more and more dating apps are popping out daily like mushrooms. 

These apps are an excellent medium for meeting new people and cultivating a relationship. The world is fast-pacing, and meeting new people happen as naturally as before. In a way, these apps are necessary.

But some people use these apps differently. Instead of cultivating a relationship and meeting new people, they use it for intimate one-off relationships. These people use the NFS acronym on their Bio.   

It is not clear what the acronym stands for on dating apps. Even some of the people who are using it are not sure. Every individual has their version of the meaning.  

What does NFS Mean in Food?  

Surprisingly, NFS is also a food term. Not a lot of people are aware of this side of NFS. When dealing with the food industry, NFS stands for Nutrition and Food Security. It is according to the terminology provided by the World Health Organization.  

If you read the food packaging carefully, you will definitely see the NFS codes on the back with the descriptions of the food ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does NFS/FMTC mean? 

NFS/FMTC stands for the National Financial Services and Fidelity Management Trust Company. Banks offer this type of service. So, in a way, the NFS acronym is also used in banks.  

What is an NFS Share? 

NFS stands for Network File System for computing. So, the NFS share allows the users to transfer data between the UNIX operating system and the Windows Server. 

What does PU stand for on Instagram? 

The acronym PU stands for Public. If you share a story on Instagram with your followers, the story becomes PU automatically. 

What does WYF mean in Snapchat? 

WYF usually stands for Where You From. You are asking someone’s origin. It is a texting term commonly used via the abbreviation. 

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