[Solved] HDMI Sound Output Not Working in MacBook While Watching a Movie

You have landed at the right place if you are looking for the solution to HDMI Sound output not working in MacBook or MacBook Air devices issue. It is always better and fun to watch movies on the larger TV screen, like 55 inches with full HD. Once you downloaded the movie on the MacBook laptop, you can connect through HDMI cable and watch the film on the TV screen. I usually watch movies on my Sony 55 inches TV with MacBook laptop. The advantage of HDMI, it transfers the audio and video on a single cable with high quality.

HDMI Port In MacBook

Recently, I had an issue with the sound output to the TV; it was playing only through the laptop speaker even after HDMI connected. HDMI was transferring the video to the TV without any problems, but not the audio. This post will let you know a simple way to fix the issue of HDMI sound output does not work on the TV when it’s connected to a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or even the iMac.

How to Connect HDMI to MacBook and Watch Movie?

Connecting a MacBook laptop to a TV through HDMI is a simple process. When you plug in the HDMI cable to the HDMI slot while Mac laptop is on, Mac OS X automatically detects the output and resolutions of the TV to adjust the screen resolution on the laptop. While making this auto adjustment, it usually changes the output of the audio to the TV.

I thought this way…

Sometimes, when you connect the VGA/HDMI projector to a Windows laptop, it may not project through the projector (especially when we connect the cables while the Windows OS is on). Occasionally, it fails to autodetect and send the video signals to a new video output. I thought the same situation when the HDMI sound did not work on the TV from MacBook Pro laptop. Therefore, I restarted the Mac laptop, but that did not help. Then I restarted the TV (it is an Android OS TV) thinking that the TV OS is not detecting the incoming audio via HDMI, and that did not help either.

The Proper Way to Fix/Change the Audio Output from MacBook Pro, Air or any Mac OS.

1) Look for the speaker icon on the menu bar; if it is there, you can jump to the step 4 now. If not, follow these steps.
Go to System Preferences and open Sound.

Open Sound Settings

2) Make sure you are at the Output tab. Even after connecting the HDMI if the sound is not coming through the TV, then here you would see your laptop speaker as the selection.

You need to click on the TV model under Sound Output here. In my example, I need to click SONY TV, once I clicked, the sound started coming through TV speakers from MacBook Pro laptop via HDMI.

HDMI Sound output not working in MacBook

3) To make things easy in future, enable the checkbox down for “Show Volume in Menu Bar” option. This will add the speaker icon on Menu bar where you can change the sound output easily from the desktop screen itself.

4) If the speaker Icon is on menu bar, and the sound output is not working through HDMI from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac, right click on the speaker Icon, it would list the detected output devices by the Mac OS X. Click on the preferable HDMI output source, in this case the TV connected via HDMI.

Speaker Icon On Menu

I hope this guide would be useful in solving HDMI Sound output not working in MacBook or any other Mac OS X devices. Usually, when you connect the HDMI cable, it should detect and send the sound to the HDMI sound device. But in case you need to do it manually, then I’m sure this guide is helpful.

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