How Many Times Does a Phone Ring-Android and iPhone

How many times does a phone ring? It’s not an essential but a curious question lingering in the back of our minds since the advent of smartphones. 

A phone or a smartphone is a very curious device that has revolutionized communication and made it easier and accessible to everyone. It enables you to connect to anyone and everyone in the world within seconds, and all you need is the person’s contact number. 

How Many Times A Phone Rings

However, a call cannot ring indefinitely. After a specific number of rings or a particular time, if the said person doesn’t pick up the call, it will end or will be directed to voicemail automatically. 

So, in this article, we will put your curiosity to rest by exploring how many times a phone rings before it dies or goes to voicemail.

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How Many Times Does a Phone Ring?

Generally, a phone rings for a while and then either dies or goes to voicemail. Overall, it’s a thirty-second process, which usually sums up to five to six rings. 

That said, these days, there are mobile carriers that allow their users to set the number of times they prefer their phones to ring before disconnecting or getting forwarded to their voicemail.

But generally, if you call someone, expect the phone to ring no more than five to six times. After that, expect the call to get disconnected if the person doesn’t pick up, or you can choose to drop a message via the voicemail, which is only possible if they have their number forwarded to a voicemail.

For Android Users 

A phone’s operating system doesn’t determine how many times it rings. So, whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, it works the same in most cases. 

If you are an Android user, the phone usually rings about five to six times before it gets declined or forwarded to the voicemail.

About iPhone

An iPhone typically rings for about twenty-five to thirty seconds before getting declined. If the number or the person you are trying to reach has a voicemail setup, the call will not end or be declined. The call will be forwarded to the voicemail, where you can end the call or record a message.

How Many Times Does a Phone Ring Before Voicemail? 

As we have mentioned earlier, the call forwarding to voicemail after ringing several times has nothing to do with the phone’s operating system. It’s more or less the same with the Android and iPhones. 

Usually, the phone rings about five to six times, which is twenty-five or thirty seconds. After that, the call goes to voicemail, where you can record a custom message for the person you are trying to reach.

How Many Times Does a Phone Ring Before It Is Declined?

If someone has declined your call, the ring count can vary. The phone will continue to ring unless the recipient manually declines the call by pressing a button.

So, realistically, you can assume the call has been declined if the phone rings between one and three times. It is usual. If you are blocked, or the phone is turned off, you won’t hear the ringing sound at all.

However, if the recipient lets the phone ring, it will ring more than three times to voicemail.

Ultimately, the sweet spot is one to three times if your call is declined. It means the recipient has pressed the declined button as soon as the caller ID appeared on the screen and let it go to voicemail.

How Many Times Should I Let the Phone Ring?

The phone goes automatically to voicemail after five or six rings. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait that long to pick up the phone.

So, it finally comes down to your choice. If you want, you can let the phone ring for a while, indicating you might be busy while you are actually screening the call. Also, if you pick up too early, people will think you are too eager or you have nothing else to do. Either way, the decision is yours.

However, when it comes to providing customer support, it is best to pick up the call as soon as possible. It reflects well on your company’s provided service, i.e., you will also be considered a good employee.

How Many Times Does a Phone Ring If It’s on Airplane Mode or Turned Off?

If the phone is on Airplane Mode or turned off, it will go immediately to voicemail when you call. You won’t hear any rings. The same is also true if the phone is out of service.

Airplane Mode On

If You Are Been Blocked:

If you are blocked, the phone will ring at least once before going to voicemail. Although the exact number varies, the phone will ring. Additionally, Android allows users to install 3rd party apps to prevent blocked callers even from leaving voicemails.

There are even occasions when you may get a message upon calling someone that says something like, “This call may not be completed as dialed.” It could be an indication that you have been blocked.

On an iPhone, if you are going to voicemail just after one or two rings, you are blocked. However, knowing exactly if someone has blocked you is tricky, as you can go straight to voicemail after one or two rings for a number of reasons.

Summing Up

So, in a typical situation, a phone rings about five to six times before it ends or goes to voicemail. However, it’s an entirely different case if this person has blocked you. The phone will go straight to voicemail. It’s also the same if the person’s phone is turned off or in Flight Mode.

However, generally, the phone rings five to six times before ending or going to voicemail, and it’s the same regardless of which operating system runs your Phone.

Hopefully, we were able to answer all your questions. If you have any more questions regarding how many times does a phone ring? Feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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