How to Access Twitter Desktop Site on your Smartphone iPhone, Android/Tab

For some reason, if you like to access the Twitter desktop (full) site on your smartphone which can be like iPhone, Android or Tablet, then this guide will be useful. Usually, when you access the Twitter website by its address, it senses the mobile device/screen size and sends you to their mobile version which is

The mobile version of the site is specifically designed for smartphones and tabs that will not give the exact twitter desktop GUI and experience. Though that is the correct way of accessing Twitter on a smartphone (and with their app), still for some specific reason you may need to access the full desktop site of Twitter.

We earlier mentioned a similar step to access the Facebook desktop site on a smartphone.

Access Twitter Desktop Site on iOS Devices – iPhone, iPad

This method only works with the Google Chrome browser. If you try to access the Twitter website from the Safari browser on your phone, you will be automatically redirected to their mobile version. There is no option available to access or request a desktop version of Twitter from the Safari browser on any iOS device.

You must have the Google Chrome browser to get this option

1. Access the Twitter website. You will be automatically redirected to the mobile version.

Mobile URL of Twitter2. Once it is loaded successfully, click on the options (three dots), then ‘Request Desktop Site’ as below.

Browser option3. Once you clicked it, you will get the Twitter full site on your iPhone or iPad through the Google Chrome browser.

Twitter full desktop site

How to Access Twitter Desktop Site on Android Smartphones?

Now you can easily guess the way. Since most Android smartphones come with Google Chrome installed, it is easy to access the Twitter desktop GUI.

Just open on Google Chrome, then click on the options and Request the Desktop version as shown above for iOS devices. This method will work on your Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo or any other Android tablets as long as it has Google Chrome browser installed.

Hope this guide is helpful. Do let us know the purpose you want to access the Twitter desktop website on your smartphone/tablet and whether you have found any other workarounds than this.

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  1. I can’t thank you enough!!! I spent over an hour trying to get to Twitter “settings” to revoke Facebook connection! That’s until I found your instructions to get to desktop site on my IPhone. Thank you SO MUCH!.

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