[Top 5] Best and Free Music Downloads for Android Cell/Smart Phones

This post lists 5 best apps that allow free music downloads for android smartphones and plays your favorite songs. Smartphones are replacing walkman and dedicated mp3 players. Since the very beginning of our race, music has been one strong version of defining our emotion and feelings. It is a medium for expressing our very own perceptions, art, and culture. Whether it is vocal, instrumental or in another form; music has been a part of expressing what we are. These free music download apps for Android will let you download music tracks, mp3, and mixtapes from the internet and listen to them offline.

Android is a very famous and user-friendly operating system. In this operating system, it has become so much easier for us to download music from different sites and clouds. A huge number of apps are out there through which we can download any kind of music we want to listen and save it in our own storage. Here are the 5 best and free music downloads Apps for Android cell phones that allow free mp3 downloads and hear offline.

5 Best Apps That Allows Free Music Downloads for Android

1) 4Shared Music

It is one of the best apps for music lovers to download free music for Android. Having a gigantic library of music, you can even search the vast database of 4shared. This app is mostly having more music tracks to download free on the planet as of now. Just type your song and tap the search button, thousands of results will be shown, handcrafted for your needs.4shared free music downloads for androidTheir user-friendly interface will make your life easy. This is one of the best and useful free music download apps for Android users based on user reviews and feedbacks from Google Play. But you must have Android version 2.3 and later versions to have this app. Since it’s having good reactions from users and number of installs crossed more than 50,000,000, you can safely think that this is one of the best Free music downloads app for Android.

Whenever you download any songs, it is automatically saved to the 15GB 4Shared cloud storage in which you can listen to, offline. The catch would be, when you want to keep more than a 15GB size of songs, you might then need to pay. Inside this 15GB free cloud storage, you can create your own folders and categorize them. This method comes handy if you are a user who frequently changes your smartphones because your downloaded songs will synchronize back to the new phone through cloud storage.

2) Google Play Music

This is another top music download app for Android provided by Google itself. It offers both music streaming and downloads options for the users. Though it mainly works in the paid subscription model, it still offers free mp3 music downloads regularly. Believe it or not, you might even find your favorite music album with Google Play free music download app for Android.

google play free music download app for Android_1You can also use its cloud storage service to listen to music offline. A user can get all access catalogue by a subscription fee of 9.99$ per month. There is also another feature in this app which is called “Online music locker”. In this service, a user has the chance to upload music online. There are more than 50k songs in the locker.

3) RockMyRun Free Music Download App

This app is more suitable for people who like to listen to music during workouts and exercises. It offers plenty of songs and options including own DJ mix. By using this DJ mix, you can mix your songs and playlists and listen to DJ music during the workout. You can use this app to download or temporarily cache the music files for free and listen to them offline later.

RockMyRun App

The best part is, it can read your BPM (beats per minute) and mixes the DJ recordings to it or increase/reduce the track size based on it. Also, it’s having pre-created DJ tracks from famous DJ’s. If you are looking for the best Android music download app for your workout and exercise, this is the app you must download.

4) My Mixtapez Music

This is for mixtape music lovers. It provides access to unlimited mixtapes and allows you to stream them online and listen.  Even you can download your favorite mixtapes music and listen offline. The app is providing more features to search and find the songs you are looking for. Their app search will run through multiple songs, artists and groups to find what you want.

free mixtapes for AndroidHaving more than 5,000,000 downloads from Google Play, it’s having great user feedback on this app. The user-friendly app interface will allow you to share your favorite music tracks on social networks easily and find your friend’s favorite. Worth to list it here as one of the best and free mp3 downloads for Android phones.

5) Spotify Music

They are famous in the music industry, especially in the premium version. Since recently they started allowing free music for smartphones and tablets, you can use this app to listen to songs for free. They have a huge collection of mp3 songs for Android. There are few limitations on this app when you use as music download app for Android, such as ads will come in-between songs, you can’t play songs on-demand and offline music listening is not available. You can read more about the difference here whether Spotify Music is free or not?

spotify music mp3 downloadBut as a music lover, once you started liking this app and their songs collection, then you can think about the paid version. The app allows creating your own playlist based on your favorite songs. If you are not happy with other 4 free music downloads apps for Android, then it’s worth to have a look at this app and try for someday.

Music is formed in which we express ourselves, find our deeper soul, and re-organize our feelings. If you are a music lover, it is not too hard nowadays to find the best place to get the favorite music. These free music downloads for Android smartphones and tablets will help to find your mp3 song online, stream them and even download and listen offline. For Android users, it is a matter of the click to find the best app from the play store and make life rhymed with great music.

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  1. Spotify Music is an app I like very much, but a lot of songs I like are paid for. I found a free youtube music downloader called wonderfox free hd video converter, but it is limited to pc, which app should I use for my mobile phone? Free is the best.

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