Physical to Virtual Machine by VMware vCenter Converter

If you are trying to convert physical to virtual machine and to be used in VMware workstation or Sun VirtualBox, then continue reading this article. VMware vCenter converter is being used to convert physical to virtual (P2V) to VMware ESX server. But you can use this converter to create VMDK and VMX files locally.

When you want to convert physical to virtual machine and use locally in VMware workstation or Sun VirtualBox, this method will help you lot.

Physical to Virtual

Follow the steps to create VMX and VMDK files by converting physical to virtual (P2V) in VMware vCenter Converter.

1) Download VMware vCenter Convert for Physical to Virtual (it’s completely free- registration required)

2)  Complete the installation.

3)  Open the converter, select ‘This local machine’. You can select remote computer also. You must have administrator privileges on remote computer to achieve this.

Physical to Virtual

Click on View Source details to make sure converter is reading your physical computer resources correctly.

4) Click next. In destination type select VMware workstation and choose your VMware product version where you will be running this virtual machine.

Physical to Virtual

Type a name for new virtual machine. If you will be connecting this physical machine and new virtual machine by networking, better to give separate name. Select the location for virtual machine. Make sure the location is having enough of disk space. It depends on your physical computer disk sizes and what disks you select to convert.

5) Click Next, this screen brings some more advanced option. Click on ‘Data to copy’ to choose the physical partitions to be included in conversion. Obviously, you can’t remove system or boot partitions from the list which will cause virtual machine booting problems. Target disks size in virtual machine is editable in this screen.


6) Other options such as processors, disk types, memory size, network type and even running windows services also can be changed.
Similar options are available when you convert by VMware workstation converter which is mentioned here.

7) Click Next and check the summery list as per your selection. Press Finish to start Physical to Virtual machine conversion by VMware vCenter Converter. Let the conversion complete. Status can be viewed as below.

Physical to Virtual

8)  Unfortunately I didn’t allow completing due to space problem. But I did the same live physical to virtual conversation by VMware workstation converter, and opened virtual machine successfully. Read here for more information.

9) Once conversation is over, open the virtual machine in VMware workstation or VMware player. That’s it. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Physical to Virtual Machine by VMware vCenter Converter”

  1. I followed the steps and a few minutes after I fired-off the conversion it FAILED
    with the following Error Message:

    FAILED: Unable to create a VSS snapshot of the source volume(s). Error code:
    2147754776 (0x80042318).

    Any ideas?

  2. What version of VMware Converter did you use? The ones I have been able to download (3.0.3 and 4.0.1) don’t match your screen captures. I am trying to do a P2V conversion of Linux to run on a Windows environment. Have not been successful either with converter installed on the linux machine (local) or installed on the Windows machine (remote). They fail when entering the destination.

  3. I am able to create the Virtual image from Physical M/C , But when I am trying to run it through Vmplayer . I am not able to run .While creation the image i choose Vmplayer only.
    But while booting the VM Machine through vmplayer . It got crashed. Let me know if anyone have encountered this sisue.

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