[Simple Tip] How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7

When you copy (Ctrl+c) or cut (Ctrl+v) any content on your Windows 10 (8.1 or 7) PC, it uses clipboard feature to capture the data temporarily until you capture another one. Whatever captured in clipboard such as texts, images, screen prints, etc.. can be pasted in an appropriate place or program. Here we are going to explain a few simple steps about how to clear clipboard in Windows 10/8.1/7.

Why should I clear clipboard on my Windows 10 PC? It is a good question to ask. It mostly depends on your need. You may need to delete the content on the clipboard so other users will not be able to paste and see your data/content if the computer is used by others. In another case, it can be the best security measure to clear the clipboard on high critical systems. Even sometimes the computer indicates that clipboard is having larger data and need to be cleaned. In this case, these below methods will become handy to clear clipboard in Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7 computers.

Simples Tips to Clear Clipboard on Windows 10

1) Since clipboard can hold one time data only, you can simply erase your current clipboard data (or memory) by capturing another simple data to the clipboard.

Let’s say, you copied 10 pages of high confidential MS word document, the data will be on the clipboard even after you pasted somewhere. Now, to clean those 10 pages data from the clipboard, you can simply copy a single text from your notepad or same Word document. So, now your clipboard will have that single text only and we actually cleared the clipboard now!

2) Restart your computer. Clipboard gets cleared once you restart the computer.

3) Pressing ‘Print Screen’ on your keyword of any harmless screen will wipe the data from Clipboard on Windows 10. Technically it captures and keeps the screenshot to the clipboard, so previously captured data got cleared from the clipboard.

4) Here is the actual Windows command to clear the clipboard manually. This command can be executed in ‘Run’ field or command prompt. Even you can create a shortcut on the desktop with the same command so that can be used whenever wanted to clear clipboard manually in Windows 10.

Right click on the empty space in desktop, then select a new Shortcut.

shortcut in Windows 10 Type below command on the ‘location of the items’ of shortcut as below.

cmd /c "echo off | clip"
clear clipboard on windows 10

On the next screen give a name for the shortcut, let’s say ‘Clipboard Clear’ and save it.

shortcut name

Now you will see the shortcut icon on the desktop to clear the clipboard. This can be double-clicked to clear the clipboard.

clipboard clear icon

Test and Confirm (How to Know it Works?)

To know whether this method is working, simply copy some content to the clipboard and paste it to notepad or MS Word, it should paste. Now double click the shortcut on the desktop we created to clear the clipboard, you could see a DOS (black screen) pops up and disappears (make sure it doesn’t throw any errors). If this works well, the clipboard would have been cleared. To check this, simply paste (Ctrl+V) to the same notepad or MS Word and you should not see any copied content now. This will confirm that the desktop shortcut is working fine.

There is another way available for only advanced users by modifying Windows Registry to clear the clipboard, we are not going to discuss it here. Hope these above simple and easy methods will be useful on how to clear clipboard on Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 laptop and desktop computers.

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