Top 5 Free Mac Screensavers with Download Links

During the early days of PCs, the displays were CRT monitors and if a certain image was displayed for long periods of time, that image would burn on the screen and damage the monitor. So screensavers were designed to avoid this.

These days, people tend to turn off the screens of their computers, but some people still want to customize their computers to show interesting animations when they have taken a break from using their computers. If you are a Mac user, the following are some of the best free Mac screensavers.

5 Websites for Free Mac Screensavers

1. NES Screensaver

Through the NES Screensaver for macOS, you can watch a playthrough of around 60 Nintendo Entertainment System games on your Mac’s screen. When the screensaver is active you can watch playthroughs of multiple games or you can select a game and start playing right through the screensaver when you are taking a break. You can play a game from the beginning or right from where the screensaver left them.

nesscreensaver for mac

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2. iOS Lockscreen

The iOS Lockscreen screensaver is the replica of the lock screen we see in iOS. The popular “Slide to Unlock” screensaver is completely customizable from text color, wallpaper to the lock, and also many other customizable options. You can also change the “Slide to Unlock” text to something else you would like. If you use an iOS device, then this screensaver is for you and your Mac computer.

mac screensavers

3. Webview

Webview is one of the most decent screensavers you can have. Webview shows you any website you want as your screensaver. It’s best for those websites which have animations or live-updating in them. It is easy to customize and you can add your desired link to a website or your own website. You can make a list of websites and set a timer for each of them so that the screensaver changes to the next website after the time you have set. The developer for Webview has listed down some very nice web pages that work very well for this screensaver on its Github page.

web view mac screensaver

4. Skyrocket

Skyrocket is a very beautiful and hypnotizing Mac screensaver. Skyrocket shows a very beautiful never-ending fireworks show over a large football stadium. The camera hovers through the colorful fireworks that occur under the clouds and stars. Skyrocket is completely customizable and you can customize the number of firework rockets, wind speed, star density, cloud density, and ambient light.

skyrocket screensaver for mac

5. System 47

System 47 is a free product Star Trek fans will enjoy it. System 47 simulates the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS) which is the computer system in Star Trek’s Starfleet, so of course, it would be awesome for Star Trek fans. It includes random cycling through eight animations including Star System Analysis, Milky Way Galaxy Map, Sector Scan, and more.

system 47 cool screensaverInstalling screensavers is an incredible and fun way to customize your Mac or PC, this is why we collected some of the best free Mac screensavers. For Mac, there are a lot of screensavers to choose from which means you will have many possibilities in customizing what your Mac will show on the screen when you have taken a little break from using it.

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