How to Fix Metered Network Warning in Outlook and OneDrive in Windows 10

If you see a warning message on Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 versions and saying that “We noticed the metered connection you’re on may charge extra. Outlook is working offline to prevent date charge,” and Outlook goes to offline mode without sending and receiving emails; this post shows how to fix it.  Once the Metered Network active on Windows 10 computer, even the OneDrive will stop syncing files and updating the changes.

The idea of ‘Metered Network’ is to limit the usage of the 3G/4G network from your Windows 10 laptop. If you have a mobile data package and using it on your Windows 10 laptop, then these settings become sensible and handy to reduce the usage and cost. But, what is the point in using it on normal Wi-Fi or cable network?

For some reasons, if the Metered Network enabled by the user accidentally or purposely, follow the below steps to disable it (if you are not using mobile data SIM-based internet)

The Warning and Status

Here is the Outlook status. You can press ‘Connect Anyway’ to make it work. But, after some time it will stop again, or once you close and reopen the Outlook, it will go to offline mode with the same warning.

Metered Network Wanring In Outlook 365

OneDrive goes to pause mode once it detects the Metered network.

OneDrive Pause Status

The app may not tell the reason for that, but you can view it in the notification area. If the Outlook and OneDrive become offline at the same time, then Metered Network is the culprit.

OneDrive Warning

Solutions to Fix Metered Network Warning in Outlook and OneDrive in Windows 10

Verify the connection type your computer connected, is it Wi-Fi or cable LAN network?

1) Search for ‘Network’ and go to the Network settings app.

2) Select the network type you are connected; in this case, it is my local network via cable.

Click On The Network You Are Connected

3) Opening the connection will take to the next screen where you will see the Metered connection. It should be disabled here, if not, disable (off) it as below.

Off The Metered Settings

This was the easiest method you can do.

Other Solution

For some reasons, if the GUI settings are not working to disable the Metered connection, follow the below registry modification. Make sure to take the back up of the Registry if you are modifying it first time in the life.

a) Open Registry (type ‘Regedit’ to search) and locate the below location.

Registry Change

b) Under DefaultMediaCost, you will find the type of the possible connections and 1 or 2 as the data.

1 – it is an unmetered network

2 – it is a metered network.

c) Change the settings accordingly to the proper network connection. In my case, the Ethernet should have 1, that means it is unmetered. Since I changed it already via the GUI, it is 1 already. Identify your connection type and make it to 1 to disable the metered network. That will bring back your Outlook and Onedrive online.

I hope this guide is useful in fixing the issue. Luckily, without restarting the computer and application, the Outlook and OneDrive sense the change and connect back to the Internet on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 computers.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

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