How To View Build Number For Windows 10 (Including Command Prompt)

How latest is your Windows 10 Operating System? As Microsoft pushes many major updates, tracking the build number of your Windows 10 OS is very important.  There is a strong rumor that Windows 10 is the last OS for desktop/laptop computers. Microsoft will keep upgrading it with the all necessary patches and features in the future. In this post, we will see how to view the build number for Windows 10, even from the command prompt that can be used on the remote computer.

Finding and confirming the build number can make sure that your system is up-to-date. Also, some of the features and tools work on certain build numbers (or later) only. Do not confuse the build with the edition. The edition indicates what type/version of Windows 10 you have. You can have Windows 10 Home, Professional, and Enterprise. It depends on the purpose and environment you are using Windows 10. But the Build number clearly indicates whether your system is using the latest final release of Windows OS relevant to you. As there is no Service Pack (SP) 1, 2 concept in Windows 10, build number plays the major role here.

How to Find the Build Number of Windows 10 in GUI

1) From Settings App

‘About your PC’ can show the build. Search for ‘About your PC’ and open it.

About Your PC

You could see below that my system is running on Windows 10 17763 build at the moment.

OS Build In Settings App

2) From System Information

Another place you can view the build number is System Information. Search for “System information”.Sys Infor Build

In System Summary, you can view the version and build of your Windows 10 Operating System.

Windows 10 Build number from Command Prompt

Let us see 3 ways to view the build of Windows 10 from the command prompt.

3) Open the command prompt (Type ‘cmd’ in search), then type ‘ver’, it will show the Windows version which has the build number also.

Ver From Cmd

4) Another method is to get it via system information from the command prompt. Filter the required filed only.

Type the below command.

systeminfo | findstr /B /C:”OS Name” /C:”OS Version”

Correct Win Version

5) The below command will open the dialog GUI message box, but the very useful and attractive way from the command prompt.

Type ‘winver’ in command prompt (or even in the Run or Search field in Windows Explorer).


We have mentioned 5 steps to find the build number of your Windows 10 OS on a laptop or desktop computer. By the way, these commands work on the Server versions such as Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2016 and 2019 as well. Checking the build number and comparing with the latest release from Microsoft will ensure that your system is up-to-date with all features and security patches from Microsoft that is highly recommended at the moment.

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