Mac Snow Leopard on AMD PC, by VMware Image

This is just an add on update for my previous post Install Mac Snow Leopard in VMware Player. I couldn’t test the earlier method in AMD processor computer. After several days with some user comments, this post shows how to install Mac Snow Leopard on AMD PC by same VMware Image.

Mac Snow Leopard on AMD PC

The boot loader came with this download works with Intel 32 Bit host only. To run SL in AMD PC, we need different boot loader. Thanks to Santosh for mentioning it.

Steps for Snow Leopard in AMD Processor PC

1) Download darwin legacy boot loader here.

2) VMware image, mentioned in this post.Mac Snow Leopard on AMD PC

3) Extract the both downloads.

4) Open VMX file in VMware player or workstation.

5) Browse darwin_snow_legacy.iso to CD Rom of virtual machine. Make sure CD Rom set as first boot device.

6) Start Snow leopard virtual machine. I’m sure you will land on desktop with out any issues. Recently a user confirmed this method worked for AMD and 64 Bit Host with following configuration.

500GB Hard Drive
AMD Athlon II 620, 4 cores @ 2.6 GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium x64

7) Follow the other steps mentioned here to change language, sound, mac admin password, networking, upgrades and VMware tools.

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I don’t have AMD PC to demonstrate these steps but I’m hoping this will work as reported by some users.

Please do share your issues with this method, don’t forget to drop a comment if Snow Leopard 10.6.3 VMware image works in AMD processor computer.


  1. parth says

    after i power on the virtual machine….two options appear…mac and vm player…i click on ne one of them and my mouse stops working…please help..please….

  2. parth says

    after i power on the virtual machine….two options appear…mac and vm player…i click on ne one of them and my mouse stops working…please help..please….thankyou

  3. Colby says

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the reply…I am trying to boot Snowleopard 10.6 using the Darwin boot loader recommended for AMD processor at the link listed on step one of this page…I’ve already gone back to the beginning of these comments and unfortunately i did not see a a fix to the problem i am having. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


    • Dave says

      If you`re having trouble with VMWare booting up, or upgrading Snow Leopard on AMD processors? .

      MAC OSX SL 10.6.6 INTEL_AMD VMWARE IMAGE. (NOTE: this image does sometimes work on some machines without all these work-arounds!)

      The following is a work-around if all else fails………….

      You definitely need the following to start, or, if you`re trying to udate, skip this bit and go to 4)

      1) A (64-bit) AMD processor capable of running hardware virtualisation mode, probably most late Athlon/Phenom cpu`s. I`m not sure, but don`t think Semprons will.
      Mostly, multiple-core processors (dual-core +), are advised, because of the heavy workload placed on it, together with about 4Gigs of memory. Less than this, it will probably run excruciately slowly, if at all.

      Other AMD processors will mostly only run software emulation, and will NOT run Snow Leopard of any version, although other vmware images like Win98/XP/Linux should run ok

      **Make sure you have the hardware virtualisation setting turned on in the BIOS.**

      A lot of people have trouble starting SL v10.6.2 or higher from scratch, and I`ve found this method for AMD CPU`s to work best, by first trying the base SL 10.6.0 version to see if Snow Leopard will work on your machine.
      Now, the nuts and bolts….

      2) You will need version 7.1 or higher, of Vmware Workstation/Player. Versions lower than this will usually have some difficulty running Snow Leopard, so save yourself some grief.

      3) Next you must beg/borrow/steal/download the following software:
      a) the (iso boot file) darwin snow legacy. (Essential for initial booting, do not use the normal darwin snow, or the (easy)EFI files, these are only for Intel cpu`s).

      b) The Vmware Image, Mac OSX Server 10.6.0 (experimental), as this sets up VMWare. You can browse/Google for this (or get the torrent from (Naughty I know!)

      c) The Mac Snow Leopard 10a432 install DVD, the ISO version,( NOT the DMG, as Windows won`t recognise it. You may be able to convert the dmg image to iso, if you know what your doing).
      d) In Vmware, load Mac OSx Server(experimental), set up your options, set the dvd option for darwin snow legacy, and start.
      e) Once the initial boot is done, eject the darwinsnowlegacy.iso, and make sure you have the SL10a432 install dvd loaded, go to the new disk icon on screen and click on this to install, or press F5.

      There are loads of blogs about installing SL, so I wont repeat it all over again. Assuming you`ve followed the on-screen install instructions, and have plenty of patience….you`ve got SL successfully running…. thats it isn`t it?…. well yes…and no.


      4) Assuming success, you now have SL v10.6.0 up and running. Its fine for most things, but some Mac software will only run on later versions, like 10.6.6. Whatever you do DON`T run any software updates! (for example to 10.6.6 ).

      If you do, you`ll lose the USB functions, i.e mouse & keyboard.
      **Loss of mouse/keyboard function, and FORGOTTEN ADMIN PASSWORDS, are the most common problems in SL, and yet are fairly simple to overcome, and I`ll tell you how….

      DOWNLOAD the VMWare image: MAC OSX SL 10.6.6 INTEL_AMD VMWARE IMAGE, (browse for it).
      **(NOTE: this image does sometimes work on some machines without all these work-arounds!)**
      Extract the image into some folder if its compressed, so you can see the normal files. Do NOT load into VMware. (This is the image you will eventually use in VMWare.)

      Next, DOWNLOAD the file IOUSBFamily-378.pkg. You`ll need this later.
      **You now have the tools to be able to update to the SL 10.6.6 version, AND reset your ADMIN PASSWORD! (In passing, don`t upgrade past this version, as its minor, and only prepares INTEL cpu`s for LION 10.7)

      5) Start VMWare and select Mac OSX 10.6.0, select Shared Folders, making sure that the file IOUSBFamily-378.pkg is in it.
      Open the options, make sure darwinsnowlegacy is in your cd/dvd drive. At the bottom of options, select add(+) and new hard drive.
      Browse to the folder you saved MAC OSX 10.6.6 in, and select the Mac OSX 10.6.6-0 vmdk file. It will now show up as a second drive in options.
      **IMPORTANT! When selecting, you must select `persistent` as an option, in order to save settings on the drive.
      Boot up SL 10.6 and you will see the Mac OSX 10.6.6 hard drive on screen as well.
      Now, assuming you have set up Shared Folders, and the file IOUSBFamily-378.pkg is in it, run this package, follow the prompts, and SET THE DESTINATION TO THE MAC OSX 10.6.6 HARD DRIVE. Once it tells you install is complete, you`re nearly done. What has happened is that the (non-working)10.6.6 USB Kexts (drivers) have been replaced by the v10.6 ones, re-enabling the mouse and kb in 10.6.6.! Don`t power down yet…read the following…
      This can be done by deleting the file .APPLESETUPDONE. You CANNOT do this in a running Snow Leopard to its own hard drive, BUT you can on a second drive, sneaky,eh?
      In VMWare, with an AMD cpu, you can`t boot up into single-user mode like Intel can, and delete it. So…. while you`re still in your SL 10.6, and you`ve got the SL 10.6.6 hard drive on screen….open it, and look for .APPLESETUPDONE. Its usually somewhere like library/system/db/var directory. Found it? Delete it by moving to the trashcan and emptying. (What this does is trick the system into believing its in a first time boot-up state, and gives you the option to create a new ADMIN account, and you can then delete the old one after).
      All thats left is to power down SL 10.6, go to options and remove the second 10.6.6 drive from the options for 10.6.

      YOUR NEW SL10.6.6. In VMWare, select `browse for machine`, go to your new SL 10.6.6 folder, and select the Mac OSX SL 10.6.6-0 vmdk, set up your memory options,etc. making sure that darwinsnowlegacy is in the cd/dvd drive.
      Power on SL 10.6.6 and you should be rewarded with the Snow Leopard desktop!
      All these steps worked for me, so do have patience if it doesn`t work first time. It took me some time to get a smoothly running Snow Leopard system.

      • Colby says

        Hi Dave,
        Do you happen to have instructions on how to make a MAC image for the AMD processor? a friend of mine gave me his snow leopard 10.6 install DVD…

        Thanks for your help!

        • Dave says

          Hi Colby, erm…how do you mean, a Mac image? You can only run Snow Leopard on an AMD machine via Vmware (preferably version 7.1.4 or higher) Do you mean how do you install your SL 10.6 Mac install disk to use it on your AMD machine? Also, what version/type of Snow Leopard is your disk. You see if its a Mac type dmg (the file version system that Mac machines use,as against the normal ISO disk for PC`s), then Windows won`t recognise it, and you would have to convert the dmg disk to an iso type.
          Also, if its an iso type, and windows can read it, a disk version 10.6.0 to 10.6.6 should install ok.
          But……..why not download a pre-made VMWare image from somewhere? There are various versions on the web.
          If you really want to set this up from scratch, (why re-invent the wheel?) let me know, and I will give you step-by-step instructions

          • Colby says

            Hi Dave,
            The disk only says 10.6 on it…i meant to ask if there were instructions to make a vmware image using the MAC install disk that i have. Can you tell me the exact file name for the image that will work on my machine? I have a good image that works fine on my i3 laptop but it just wont play on my AMD desktop…If there is a pre-made image that will actually work on my machine i would def like to go that route…

            My computer spec are below:
            Windows 7 x64
            AMD FX-8150 8 core 3.60GHz
            GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD5 Motherboard
            AMD Radeon HD 6600 Series Video Card
            Patriot 8GB DDR3 1866 RAM

        • Dave says

          Hi Colby, the image you`re using on your Intel machine certainly won`t work on your AMD cpu. Newer Mac machines now use Intel cpu`s, the same as most PC`s,and its therefore its easier to get Snow Leopard running on Intel PC`s. than AMD. So you need a different set of boot files to run SL on AMD cpu`s. I did give a bit of info on doing this on previous posts.
          If your install disk is a Mac type, I would ignore it, and download a Snow Leopard pre-made Vmware image off the web. Any version from 10.6.0 to 10.6.6 should work on your setup, 10.6.7 is a bit problematic (Try for images, but ALWAYS do a virus scan on downloads, and beware of pop-ups!). or Google for images.
          I`ve got a similar setup to you, and SL runs fine using vmware images. I currently run SL 10.6.6 desktop and server without problems on my AMD desktop and laptop.
          If you have difficulty finding an image, I`ll try to find one for you if all else fails and point you to it. If you are using an image on your intel laptop, you shouldn`t have difficulty using it on your amd desktop.
          If you have trouble firing it up, let me know, and I`ll take you thru` the setup procedure.
          Hope this helps a bit.

          • Dave says

            Hi Colby, if you cannot find any suitable images, I am making arrangements to put a highly compressed SL 10.6.6 image on DROPBOX that you can download. It may take a day or two before I can upload it. It is a self-extracting RAR archive.
            Once extracted, it will be ready to use.
            Let me know if you want it, and I will give you the download link.

          • Colby says

            Dave, you are awesome. I would most def like a link if you can provide for me. I can give you my email address if you want to email ti to me.

            Thanks again!


          • Dave says

            Hi Colby, haven`t forgotten! Had to compress SL 10.6.6 vmware image down to less than 2.5gigs allowed by Dropbox, which takes forever….Also takes forever to upload 2.3gig file. Should be available in about the next day or so. If you would like to send your email address to I will email you the link as soon as the upload has finished.
            Also will send some setup tips.

  4. Manish says

    hey i would like to install mac lion on my non mac core i3 laptop…. so plz help me in this….

  5. Michael Brown says

    So what might be wrong if I can’t get the VM to boot the darwin_snow_legacy.iso? I have the boot order set correctly, and have tried both mounting the ISO as the drive and using UltraISO to mount it to a virtual drive.

    I switched the boot order to load the Internal shell second to confirm it was not booting the snow_legacy ISO. It does however show up as a block device and I can get a directory listing from it in the internal shell. Can’t figure it out, it’s driving me nuts! I’m using VM Workstation 8.0.1 on an Athalon 8 core with 8GB of ram.

    • Michael Brown says

      I should note I’m trying to install Snow Leopard 10.6.7, but that seems irrelevant since I can’t get the darwin_snow_legacy.ISO to boot.

      • Dave says

        Hi Mike, interesting problem! Try making sure in your VMware setup options, that too many cores have not been set. It seems that sometimes this can affect the boot-up sequence, so may not even start.
        Try setting 1 cpu and 1 or 2 cores. (You`ve got 8 cores? Seriously? wow! makes my 4-core Phenom2 look a bit under-powered).
        Are you using darwinsnowlegacy as an iso image file? That is, don`t use the physical drive, but insert it as an iso image file?
        Also try reducing the amount of allocated ram to about 2-4 Gigs. Its a tempation to maximise all the settings, but Snow Leopard runs ok with this on a real Mac.
        Do not try to boot up using SL 10.6.7.Its unlikey to boot this version, without a lot of fiddling around. If you want to try out SL, see the above help I gave to Colby, it gives more detailed instructions on installing. Use these to see if SL will run at all on your machine.
        As before, the machine (cpu & motherboard) MUST be capable of HARDWARE NOT SOFTWARE virtualisation, so doubly check this in your Bios settings.
        Most people with Athlon/Phenom cpu`s seem to run it ok, so most problems do seem to be down to settings.
        As I said previously, try the Snow Leopard v10.6.0 server(experimental) vmware image, with the UserDvd10a432 setup dvd, and darwinsnowlegacy.iso.
        I`ll repeat the above instructions a bit…..
        So, initially load the SL10.6.0 image. This sets up vmware. Adjust the cpu/ram settingsto suit, set the option to have darwinsnowlegacy.iso inserted.
        **(DON`T use the main dvd drive, use the ISO IMAGE OPTION, browse to where darwinsnowlegacy iso is, and insert it as a Iso Image File!).**
        Then start it, and it should come up with the main boot screen.Insert the SL userdvd10a432 dvd, in your main dvd drive,and it should show up on screen (assuming the dvd options are set).
        Browse and open/run it to start the main installation. You will get a series of scrolling texts running down the screen, be patient if it seems to stick, its only thinking about it, and it does take some time!
        Hopefully, some of these hints might help.
        Let me know if this helps at all, but if this doesn`t work, will try to give more assistance if possible.

  6. says

    Hey guys i am new to this , i want to install SL on my VMware , i have Athlon 620 X4 and Gigabyte mother board , umm i found this t0rrent


    Can anyone tell me if it will work and what all i have to do to make it work? Thanks a lot :)

    • Dave says

      Hi. without examining the torrent file, and you don`t say what its downloading, can only assume its for a versionof Snow Leopard and NOT Lion. AMD cpu`s (unless someone knows different!) currrently don`t support Apple Lion. With your setup, you should be able to run SL of some version under VMWare.
      If the torrent is for a premade VMWare setup, you should be able to open it in VMware and run it.
      If you need help, first have a look at all the previous question/answer posts, including all the `older comments`, these should help you understand how to get it running.
      Hope this helps a bit

  7. Theo says

    Hi and many thanks for the tutorial!
    This worked for my desktop (AMD Phenom II X4, 4GB ram) but I have a problem with my internet connection. I have a wireless adaptor in my Windows OS it works fine. How do I make it work for MAC OS?

    • Dave says

      Hi Theo, have a look in your VMware settings for Snow Leopard. In the Internet settings, try selecting `bridged` connection. This simply links up to your main pc internet connection and `piggy backs` onto it..It works whether your`e using wireless or wired, VMWare simply uses whatever connection you`ve got.
      It works ok on both my desktop and laptop.
      Let me know if you still have problems

  8. Funguy42 says

    Works great on my pc.
    AMD Turion II P520 Dual Core – 2.3 GHz
    4GB RAM


    • Dave says

      Hi, if you used an Apple update from a previous version to 10.6.8….don`t….they almost never work on amd cpu`s. Best to try and find a pre-made 10.6.8 image….but why? SL 10.6.6 is mostly stable, and the upgrade really doesn`t give that much more functionality.