Debian Linux Desktop Pre-Installed VDI Image Download

Debian is another popular Linux distribution developed by the community-support Debian project. It has plenty of free and open-source ready to use software in it. It is one of the oldest OS based on the Linux Kernel for a long time. The latest version comes with more than 59000 packages. Here we have installed the latest Debian 10 buster version on VirtualBox with Windows 10 host, updated and built the VDI image for easy download.

Debian supports more hardware architectures than any Linux OS versions in the market, for example, amd64, i386, ia64, and more. This pre-installed image made in 64bit (amd64), so make sure your host computer can support 64-bit architecture. If you have any kind of legacy computer with older hardware technology and you want to run Linux on it, then Debian is the only choice since most of the other Linux OS drops the support for old hardware.

It is one of the stable and secure OS that can be used in the personal and business environment. Another reason why Debian stands out is driverless printing. That should help to use most of the printers without driver installation. Compared to Ubuntu, Debian is super fast and lightweight since it does come with the bare minimum bundled packages with additional software and features than Ubuntu. It is an excellent Linux distribution for learning the purpose of UNIX commands. We will be adding the server version soon that will be available as a pre-installed VDI image here.

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