[Fixed] We Couldn’t Find Any Drives – Windows 11/10 Installation

I overcame several issues while installing Windows 11 on the latest Dell Latitude laptop. In this guide, let me show the solutions to fix these errors. The major error was: We couldn’t find any drives. To get a storage driver.

My scenario was to install Windows 11 from a USB drive on a brand new Dell latitude laptop. Even though I’m talking about these issues and solutions for Dell laptops and Windows 11, it is applicable for other brand latest laptops and Windows 10 installation too.

How to Fix We Couldn’t Find Any Drives. To get a Storage Driver Error

I encountered two issues with the Windows 11 installation.

Could not boot from USB

It is because Secure Boot is enabled on the new laptop. The way my bootable USB is created requires turning off the Secure Boot. So, if you face a similar issue, disable the secure boot on your laptop.

Each laptop has different BIOS settings to do it; please follow the steps that are applicable for your laptop model to disable secure boot.

“We couldn’t find any drives. To get a storage driver, click load driver” issue

Once I disabled the secure boot, I could boot the Windows 11 installation from USB. But during the hard disk detection, I got this error. For some time, I really thought that the new laptop did not come with a hard disk.

We Couldnt Find Any Drives Error

To overcome these issues, we need to change the storage controller type (SATA Operation). Windows 10 or 11 installation process will not detect the hard disk if the controller type is set to RAID On.

Do we really need RAID settings? If you think it is better to have, then you need to download the RAID controller driver from the Dell manufacturer and load the drivers while doing the installation.

I didn’t use this method, so I can’t provide any further steps/information regarding this.

As a quick solution, we can change the SATA Operation type to ACHI.

Under the Storage option, you will find ‘SATA/NVMe Opertation’ in the Dell laptop BIOS. You can visit the Dell BIOS by pressing F2 while booting the computer. Your laptop model and brand may have different options to navigate to these BIOS settings, make sure to check them first.

I’m sure you will see the ‘RAID On’ option is enabled.

Change it to the ACHI/NVMe option and Save the settings.

Change SATA Operation

Now boot the laptop with the same USB to start the installation. It will boot from USB and detect the hard disk (probably the SSD or NVME) to continue the installation.

Detected Disk Now

Potentially this solution will work for the users who get the “No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation” error too.

I’m sure this simple solution will be useful to solve this hard disk detection error during the Windows 11/10 installation on most of the laptops and desktop computers. As mentioned earlier, if you want to use the capabilities of the RAID controller and features your laptop has, then download the relevant drivers from the official website and load them during the Windows installation.

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