[Fixed] Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict on Windows 10, 5 Ways to Fix it

If you have multiple computers and network devices on the network, you are likely to get ‘Windows has detected an IP address conflict’ error on your Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7 computers. It will prevent your computer to connect to the local network and the Internet. In this guide, we show you the 5 ways that can be used in your home or office network to solve ‘Windows has detected an IP address conflict’ error.

The Reason of the Error

An IP address is very important for the network device like computer, printer, and smartphone to communicate properly over the network. Moreover, the IP address should be unique for every single device on the connected network. If you are in the home or office network, one device should have a unique IP address that should not duplicate or conflict with any other devices on the same network. Obviously, duplicate IPs will make the network traffic confuse an stop working if the network finds identical IP on two devices. When this duplicate IP address appears on the network specifically on your Windows computer, you get the ‘Windows has detected an IP address conflict’ error, and your computer will not connect and communicate with the network. There could be several reasons for this issue and below steps will solve each by simple steps any average computer user can do.

5 Ways to Fix When Windows has detected an IP address conflict on Windows 10

1) Try to get the new IP from DHCP.

It can be done easily by unplugging the network cable from your desktop computer.

Unplug The Network Cable

If it is the wireless, just simply disconnect the Wi-Fi by using hardware switch on the laptop.

Wi Fi Switch On The Laptop

By doing these methods, you are simply disconnecting the network from your computer and trying to connect with the new IP. This time the DHCP server may issue the different new IP that will not conflict with the other network devices.

2) Another Way of getting new IP

If the above method somehow doesn’t seem feasible for you (for example, unplugging the networkable from the desktop which is under your table is the difficult task), then you can disable the network adapter and enable it. It is similar to disconnect and reconnect the network. It can be done in the Control panel. Your computer may get new IP this time that doesn’t conflict with others.

Disable And Enable It

3) Let’s Renew the IP like Geek

The method is to get the new IP address without trying above two methods. It can be done with the following easy commands.

Open the command prompt with administrative access, and release the existing IP like this.

ipconfig /release

Release Ip To Fix Windows Has Detected An Ip Address Conflict

Once it has released the existing IP, let’s renew it (ask the DHCP server for new IP).

ipconfig /renew

Ip Config Renew

The above 3 methods should mostly fix the problem if your network and computer do not have any further issues.

4) More advanced commands to troubleshoot Windows has detected an IP address conflict warning

If the above three steps did not work for you, you can try some more commands to reset the network settings of the computer. Make sure you have opened the command prompt as administrator.

ipconfig /flushdns

netsh winsock reset catalog  
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log 

These steps are similar to fixing Windows 10 has limited connectivity issue that we discussed earlier here.

After restarting the computer with these commands, “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” should go disappear and your computer should be on network connection without any issues.

5) Restart the router or Reconcile the DHCP server

As mentioned earlier, your home internet router will be issuing IPs to the computers, smartphones, and tablets. When the router conflicts or confues with the existing IPs, it may give duplicate IPs to the clients that will lead to IP conflict issue that we are talking here. To overcome this issue, simpley restart the router.

If you can access the router via the web browser with admin user name and password, you can restart it softly. If not, try to power off and power on the router physically. The DHCP service and scope should be fine after the restart, therefore, your Windows computer should get new unique IP on the network now.

If you have a Windows or Linux DHCP server in office network, reconciling the DHCP scope will help to troubleshoot duplicate IP issues on the network. Even restarting the DHCP service on the server may help in this case.

Bonus Tip (If you have static IP) – Remove the static IP

This tip will work if you have static IP configured on your computer. Static IP means you set the IP manually for the particular network adapter for some reasons. If you have static IP and you are getting “Windows has detected an IP address conflict” on Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7, that means another device is having the same IP on your network. That could have been given manually (another static IP) or by DHCP server (if the static IP is on the same DHCP range).

So, what are the solutions?

Instead of finding the device which is having the same static IP as yours, you can simply remove your static IP and wait for your computer to obtain a new different IP from DHCP server (that could be your home internet router). If no DHCP service or any device available on your network to provide IP automatically, then you have to find or guess the free IP on your network and assign it to your network adapter.

Set Auto IP

This method would be helpful if your network adapter is having static IP only.

With the above 6 methods, I’m sure you should be able to fix the ‘Windows has detected an IP address conflict’ on your Windows OS computer and connect the network. Do let us know which step really helped to solve the problem or you did find any more extra steps which can be shared here.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

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