[Fixed] iPhone stuck with Spinning Wheel – Here is the Way to Fix

Recently my iPhone 8 frozen with the spinning wheel and did not turn off. After several attempts, I managed to solve it in 2 days. There are several reasons and also solutions available for this issue on various blogs/forums. The reason for the spinning wheel I got may differ than yours. But’, I’m sure one of the below solutions will fix the iPhone stuck with Spinning Wheel issue.

What Exactly Happened?

I remember that I was switching between the apps so quickly and that made my iPhone 8 to crash with the spinning wheel. It did not restart with the spinning wheel; it just went to the state from working condition. Remember, I did not have this problem while booting the phone; it just crashed while using it. As I said earlier, spinning wheel on black screen may come at several stages on iPhone 7,8 or X. For example, after the iOS update, it may go to the spinning wheel state, but my case is different.

Spinning Wheel - iPhone stuck with Spinning Wheel

The Hope that Failed!

I was hoping that hard rest of the phone can solve these type of issues.  Many blogs mentioned it as a solution. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. Pressing the buttons for hard reset did not show any sign of stopping the spinning the wheel or rebooting the phone.

What are the steps failed for me? but still, you can try

Here are the solutions mentioned by Apple and other blogs. I tried all of them but failed. You can try them if you want the solution quickly (if it works in your scenario). Otherwise, see the final solution that worked for me.

1) Reboot (Force restart) the iPhone

Make sure you have not connected to power source. Try the below steps based on the iPhone model you have.

Iphone Hard Reset

The source of above steps and additional steps can be found at official Apple site here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201412

2) Update the iOS

Yes, that could be the strange solution when the iPhone is not responding at all. But upgrading the iOS makes sense because that might solve the corruption in the iOS. Obviously, the iOS upgrade should be done via iTunes not through the iPhone system settings since the phone is not working. So, you must connect your iPhone to Windows or Mac OS X computer with iTunes to update the iOS. Updating or reinstalling the iOS may fix the spinning wheel issue on iPhone 7, 8 and X. But there is a catch, check the next point.

3) Restore the iPhone with iTunes

Recent changes on the iPhone such as installing/uninstalling apps could cause the crash of iPhone. Restoring the recent backup from iTunes will work if you have the backup. But the problem I faced (you may also face) was once I connected the iPhone to iTunes, I had press the ‘Trust’ or even unlock the iPhone to allow the iTunes to access iPhone. When the phone stuck with the spinning wheel, how it can be done? Therefore, this method will not work most of the time.

4) Use recovery mode on iPhone or Repair tools

To access these solutions, you must restart your phone or tap any keys on the phone. When the iPhone is not working with the spinning wheel, and also the hard reset is not working at this stage, this method also not useful in our case.

Recovery Mode IPhone Stuck With Spinning Wheel

Final Solution that Worked for Me to fix iPhone stuck with Spinning Wheel Issue

As I gave a hint earlier that the main resolution is to boot the phone, here is the simple workaround. Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have the removable battery to cut the power and boot it.

Removing the iPhone body cover and battery to fix this issue is not recommended. Removal of the battery is not that easy for any normal iPhone user, and it may void the warranty.

Guess what we can do?

Yes, you are correct, let the battery drain. That is why it took 2 days for me to solve this. By trying above all methods and connecting the USB cable to the iPhone, the battery will be charged more and fixing this issue takes time.

Battery Drain

If you see any of the above symptoms and you think none of them are going to work for you, better do not connect the iPhone to the charger or any devices. Charging the battery will delay the reboot the process. In this case, I just simply removed the SIM and put it on a different phone for my use and let the battery drain. Since my Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and Bluetooth are enabled, my iPhone 8 drained out in 1 and half days.  Once the battery power completely drained, the spinning wheel will disappear. That is the indication that we are good to go. Since it doesn’t have any power, you need to connect the charger now. Once it charges enough, it will automatically boot up, and you must see the normal iPhone screen.

Though the final solution is simple and straightforward it takes time depending on the battery charge on your iPhone; I just mentioned the possible solutions that may work without waiting for a long time. I hope this guide is useful in fixing the iPhone stuck with the spinning wheel and won’t turn off issue on iPhone 7, 8 and X.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

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