[Fixed] Language Bar Missing from Taskbar in Windows 10,8.1 or Win 7

If you are a computer user who uses more than one language for typing, then you must be knowing the importance of language bar on the taskbar (notification area). Sometimes it may act strange and disappears from the taskbar. This simple guide shows how to solve the Language bar missing issue on Windows 10,8.1 and Windows 7 desktop and laptop computers. In few cases even after enabling the language bar from the control panel, it will not appear properly.

You may face this issue mostly after doing a Windows or other software updates. Sometimes you will see the language bar when UAC prompts for administrator elevation and it will disappear again when it comes to normal mode. 

This problem happens when there is an issue in a startup service of the specific user profile.

How to Fix Language Bar Missing Issue in Windows 10, 8.1

Method 1

(If you have done this already, go to method 2 straight away)

You can add the language bar in control panel by following steps,

In Windows 7 and Vista

Go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Option -> Keyboards and Languages -> press Change Keyboards

The following dialogue box will appear,

Windows 7 Language Bar

Note: Language bar will be only displayed either on taskbar or Desktop if you have selected more than one language as input language.

Make sure that your second language is listed in the input language list. If not, you can add it by clicking Add button.

Still, if the language bar is not showing up in Windows 7 even after more than one languages are listed; go to ‘Language Bar’ option to verify few settings.

More options

Here you can select the place where the language bar should appear. Make sure ‘Hidden’ is not selected. Select the appropriate option and press OK.

In Windows 8 and 8.1

Enabling the language in Windows 8.1 is different than earlier versions. 

In the control panel, open Region and click on ‘Language preferences’.

Open language bar option

Click on ‘Add a language’ as shown below.

add language

In the next screen, you can select and add additional languages. Once you have added more than one language, you will see the language bar on the Windows 8.1 notification area as shown below.

Added bar


Add New Language Input and Language bar in Windows 10

You will not find the usual language input settings in the control panel of the latest Windows 10 versions. It can be done through the Windows settings apps only. 

Search for ‘Language’ in Windows 10 search and reach the below location. There you can click “Add a prefered language” (2) option to add the keyboard language input you need.

Language Bar In Windows 10

Usually, the above step should show the language bar in the notification area. If not click on the (3) “Choose an input method…..” to get additional options.

Under the ‘Advanced keyboard settings’, check the ‘Use the desktop language bar’ option to show the language bar in Windows 10 taskbar. If this option is not enabled, it will be shown in the notification area only. By default, this option is disabled, so enable it if you want to see the keyboard input language option in Windows 10 taskbar.

Advanced Keyboard Settings In Windows 10If still, you can’t see it, click on ‘Language bar options’ (2) to check one more option. 

Here you can choose how do you want to view the language bar. Obviously, if you want to see it, you need to select ‘Docked in the taskbar’ option. The first option will make the language bar float on the desktop. Make sure the 3rd option ‘Hidden’ is not selected.

Language Bar Dock Option

To change the input language quickly in Windows OS, you can use Windows key+Spacebar to switch between languages.

These above steps are straight forward methods to show language bar in Windows OS. As said earlier, sometimes the language bar will be still missing from the OS even after enabling it because of startup service issue.

In that case, try method 2. Even though below screenshots have been taken on Windows 7, you can still safely use on latest Operating Systems.

Remember to take a backup of the registry before modifying it if you are not comfortable in making changes in the registry because wrong modification can cause an issue to Windows OS.

Method 2

This method will enable the startup service which is required for the language bar every time when OS boots up.

Open Registry Editor by typing ‘ regedit’ in Run or search box. Go to the following location,

registry editor windows 10

Right-Click on blank space at the right side, select New String Value.

New registry key

Again right-click on the newly created value and select modify, type as shown below.


Windows 7 Language Bar Missing

Press OK and restart your computer. 

Do let me know whether this guide is useful and solved the issue.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

132 thoughts on “[Fixed] Language Bar Missing from Taskbar in Windows 10,8.1 or Win 7”

  1. I have Windows 7 ultimate and I don t find how to view my language bar.
    I follow all steps from Control Panel / etc and nothing ….
    Where I can find this language bar – because I WANT to write in Romanian

  2. The trouble with this ‘solid fix’ is that it simply does not work. Keep looking for someone who knows what they are talking about guys.

  3. I’m unable to switch language input by using WIN KEY + SPACEBAR and the language indicator icon not shown at task bar. What happening? I already uninstall language package and re-install. I also recover system to previous stage but still unable to switch language…

    However, before you log in the system, the language indicator appear at log in password page and WIN KEY + SPACEBAR can used also…strange…

  4. Thank you!!!!
    This worked!
    I am working on my Masters degree, doing it en francais, but, I live most of the time in English. I need access to both languages, quickly and often.
    Merci beaucoup! Having the pictures was very helpful to me.

  5. It works but there are still 2 problems: 1- language bar is not loaded yet although the languages are set OK without being seen in the task bar 2- chrome malfunctions when the second language is selected in case the language bar is missing.

  6. I would suggest for windows 8 to try the steps and check if it helps.

    a. Right click on task bar and click on Properties.
    b. Click Taskbar tab.
    c. Click on customize button for Notification Area.
    d. Click on Turn System icons on or off.
    e. Select On from the drop down menu, for input indicator.
    f. Click on Ok, again click on Ok.
    g. Now check if it helps.

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