Download & Install macOS Unlocker for VMware Workstation in Windows 10, 8.1/7

If you want to use macOS or earlier versions on Intel-based Windows OS computers by VMware workstation or VM player, “macOS unlocker” is a compulsory utility. This unlocker utility replaces few VMware program files and patches them to install and run macOS and older versions as virtual machines on Windows OS. Here is the download link of working unlocker for VMware Workstation version 11 to 15 (all tested by me) on Windows 10, 8.1 64 bit and Windows 7 32 bit physical computers.

UPDATE (20-09-2019) This post was originally published back in the year 2011 and had been updated several times to match the latest versions and requirements. It is now again getting updated for latest version of macOS 10.15 Catalina and Unlocker version 3.0.2.

VMware Unlocker

I have already published few guides about installing Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion OS X on VMware workstation by using this unlocker.

Download Link of Latest Unlocker for macOS, VMware Workstation 11-15 versions

Download the DrDonk unlocker from the developer’s site here.

It has been tested against Workstation 11-15 versions and VMware player 7,12,14 and 15. If you have the older version of unlocker installed, you must uninstall it before installing the latest version. Failure to do this may hamper your VMware workstation files and program.

Install macOS Unlocker on Windows 10 for VMware Workstation 11/12/14/15

1) Since this tool will be changing and updating the binary files on VMware workstation, it is always good practice to backup the VMware program folder before running the unlocker.

2) After downloading the zip file, extract it.

3) If you have the previous version of unlocker, you must uninstall it first. To do that, right-click on the uninstallation script and execute it as administrator.

Uninstall Unlocker

Note: VMware workstation or player must be completely switched off before running this script.

4) Close any working Vivrutla machines and VMware program. Execute the installation script as administrator.

Install Unlocker On Windows 10

5) It will patch some files and even download the VMware tools for macOS guest machines. Let it do and complete.

Running Unlocker

6) Now you must see the difference in the guest OS support. Without the patch, you can’t create any macOS VMs because they were not listed as below.

No MacOS Support

After the patch, now it should appear as below.

MacOS Support -Install macOS Unlocker for VMware Workstation

I’m just a tester of this utility. Full credits should go to the developer who produced a great tool. This particular macOS unlocker works on Intel processor Windows and Linux computers only. AMD is not supported yet.

If you are having the older version of VMware workstation, earlier than version 11, then you need the older version of unlocker.

working 10.11 on Windows 10 with Unlocker

Here is working El Capitan 10.11 on Windows 10 with VMware workstation 15. I will keep publishing guides based on this unlocker.

After patching the VMware workstation with this unlocker then upgrade the VMware to any major versions, the patch is no longer valid. You may not be able to run or create macOS VMs anymore. You need to run the latest unlocker (which has the support of the VMware version you have) to get the macOS virtual machine support again.

Older versions of Unlockers (Link below)

a) Visit the official site to download unlocker 2.0.7 (free registration required). This works for VMware workstation 11.

b) For VMware version 10, 9, 8 and 7, you need to get the unlocker ver 1.0.3.

Here is the link to download.

In the older versions of unlockers, you may find the different set of files.

Right-click on install.cmd file and select Run as administrator option as shown below. ( or you can start the command prompt as administrator in Windows 7 computer and execute install.cmd from command prompt)

right click and patch

Here is the working Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 in VMware workstation 9 with Windows 7 32 bit host after running unlocker.

working guest

With these all, you must have a clear idea of downloading and installing macOS unlocker on Windows 10 and older versions. If your VMware workstation or VM player is older, then we have mentioned the download links for supported Unlockers.

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  1. I downloaded and extracted unlocker 2.0.2. I have Linux Mint 17.1 and Workstation 11 I need help getting this to work in Linux. Could someone please help me out here?

  2. i am unable to see the changes and followed the above steps and getting below error. Can you plz help…
    ‘vmxsmc.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    • Kumar,

      Try running it from the “c:Program Files (x86)vmware” subfolder where vmxsmc.exe is located.

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  4. Oddly, at the installation of Snow Leopard, , the select disk remains empty, despite the fact I havae mounted a virtual hard disk. I tried IDE, SATA and SCSI and I still can”t select anything when it comes to choose a disk to install the OS. What do yout think ?

      • I’m trying to install Yosemite on VM 11 on win 8.1, after installing it half way it is stuck! Can you provide any suggestion? How did you get it done? Oh and I did install the unlocker right after i installed vmware 11 workstation…

  5. I had installed Mavericks, without the patch, worked more or less. Then I updated throuh App Store to Yosemite. Worked but took very long (half day). First boot was ok to Yosemite, but then, next boot stuck in the half of the progress bar for hours, nothing happened anymore. So I installed the patch on my vmware 10 workstation and after this, the boot to yosemite was fast and normal. Here is the patch if any need:—
    maybe down soon, dont know this uploader well.

  6. Can any one plz help me.. After extracting and doing all the steps above mentioned,i still find no change in the options of os to be installed,am not getting Apple mac os. Pls, help me suggesting the changes

  7. I’m using Win 8.1 , VM 11 workstation and trying to install Yosemite … but after installing it half way it is stuck and wont let me kill it or reinstall it… I’ve tried to uninstall VM workstation and reinstalled it… but not working. After installing VM 11, I also applied the unlocker. I want to redo the OS installation from the beginning… how can I do that? Can anyone help?

  8. My vmware workstation shown option of apple os x but when i tried to install mavericks it says efi network unsuccessful.
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  9. It’s been the most flawless setups of vmware based Mac OS in my life. Thank you for saving so much time and sharing great pleasure of having OS X installed.

    Graphics are just awesome, btw

    PS.: I tried to get Lion in VMWare WRKSTN 11, at first I got black screen every time till I updated the image to an 11th version, and now it is just perfect.

  10. Vmware Workstation 12 has just been release. I had to upgrade to the latest versio because of my Host OS being Windoze 10. Are they going to release Unlocker for WKS 12 as well?


  11. I have Workstation 12 and have patched with Unlocker 2.07 and Apple OS now shows in the Guest operating list but Versions 10.6 all show as Server versions. I have Snow Leopard 10.6 and it wont install. Your screen shot shows non-server versions of 10.6 Any suggestions please. Thank you

  12. very helpful,thanks. I installed vmware 11 on windows 10 succesfully, but I wasn’t able to download xcode. I went to appstore, clicked on Installapp and waited for hours. Any suggestion?

  13. I have workstation 12 working well with El Capitan, but when I try to do the same install with workstation 12 pro, I cannot get fullscreen resolution.

    I am using Windows 7 64bit on an Intel i7 processor.

    Any Ideas?


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