How to Convert Mac DMG File to ISO in Windows 10 for Free

DMG file is a disk image format that used in Mac OS versions. If you see a DMG file, that means it specifically built for Mac Operating Systems. If you need to open and see or use that as installation medium on Windows OS platform, then this guide would be useful to convert the DMG file to ISO for free on Windows 10 computer. Windows OS and its most of the software do not support DMG file directly. Once it is converted to ISO, then you can write it on CD or DVD in Windows OS. Even you can mount the ISO file in the virtual environment and use it.

Here, I will be showing how to convert the Mac DMG file to ISO on my Windows 10 computer. This method is applicable for older Windows versions such as 8.1 and Windows 7. I will use a small program called ‘dmg2img’ for this conversion. Dmg2iso is a free command line tool that did the job quickly and correctly. Power ISO is another solid tool but it is a paid application.

How to Convert Mac DMG to ISO in Windows? Follow the steps

1) Download dmg2img from the official site here. It has 32-bit version only. You can still use it on your 64bit Windows 10.

download dmg2img2) Installation not required, just run the below command after extraction. You can use any unzipping tool to extract the file.  You must run the command from the same extracted folder which is having ‘dmg2img.exe’ file. Otherwise, you need to setup the path in Windows variables.

dmg2img < Source file.dmg> <destination file.iso>

3) The original conversion with correct file names starts as below.

Convert Mac dmg to iso in WindowsAt the end, you will get a successfully converted ISO file from DMG file in Windows. This ISO can be easily mounted using any mounting software or attached to VMware or VirtualBox as CD ROM drive. Also, it can be burned to physical CD or DVD. It becomes portable and accessible on most of the Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

Alternate to dmg2img for DGM File to ISO – Power ISO

Power ISO is a paid software which mainly built to CD/DVD image files conversion. It is easy to use as it has the graphical interface. If you regularly convert these type of files for production or testing environment, then you can consider Power ISO as the best option.

dmg to iso convert in Windows 10

You can visit their home page to find more information and download.

Some other GUI tools (with the graphical interface and mouse clicks) available, but they are not free. I find the dmg2img free tool does the job very well the converted ISO file worked in most of the software and Operating Systems most of the time.

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