How to Create ISO from Mac Installation/Any DVD- Rip Mac DVD in Windows

We showed several methods in this blog to install macOS on Windows OS with Desktop Virtualization software such as VirtualBox and VMware. In this guide let us show you the way how to convert the installation DVD or any other CD/DVD to ISO file format on Windows 10/8.1 or earlier versions. By using this method you can convert the physical disks to virtual disk format which is ISO file.  It becomes handy to store and move the ISO files easily.

I tried my favorite DVD writing software to Rip Mac DVD to ISO in Windows, but those images did not work with VMware or VirtualBox.  Finally, Imgburn did the job and it worked well.

Follow these steps to rip Mac DVD in Windows

1) Download and install Imgburn burning software. (Free version, registration not required). Though the program looks old and outdated, it does the job good in Windows 10 and other versions.

2) Insert the DC or the DVD to DVD drive.

3) Start program and select the “image file from disk” option. Do not close log screen down, better keep it.

Create ISO from Mac Installation DVD

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4) Next screen will detect the DVD information and output file location. Make sure to select the correct source and destination. It’s better to reduce data reading speed to 1x ( I know it will be slow) for this conversion. Faster reading may give some I/O errors. I prefer to make it slow read to make sure that ISO file is intact. Start the progress.

Create ISO from Mac Installation DVD5) Progress bar will show the status. I’m sure it will end without any errors if the physical drive and disk have no damages.

Now you have successfully converted the physical CD/DVD to ISO file which is safe and easy to protect.

If you have converted any Operating System bootable DVDs to ISO file format in above method, you can easily attach this ISO file to VMware or VirtualBox to boot and install OS in a virtual machine. Also, as many of the latest laptops and tablets come without DVD drive, having the CD/DVD in ISO file format is the only way to transfer these files to those laptops/tablets to use.

This method works well on Windows 10, 8.1 and any Windows where you can install ImgBurn.

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  1. This doesnt work for virtuals as image burn creates a 9KB MDS file, which leaves the ISO 9KB short , therefor leaving the Virtual unable to read it.

  2. It did not work for me. I used AnyToISO conveter.. it has a GUI which makes it easy and it works!

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