Download EFI Boot loader for Intel Core i3,i5,i7 Processors to Install Snow Leopard – EmpireEFI-1063

Boot loader for Intel Core i seriesSome users reported unsuccessful results on my previous method to install snow leopard on VirtualBox. The main reason is, processor type. Installation failed on latest Intel i series, mainly for i3,i5, i7  and AMD processors due to unsupported boot loader. Recently, an updated version of EmpireEFI released by developer to support intel core i series processors. This post shows how to download the latest EFI boot loader for Intel Core i series processors and install snow leopard on VirtualBox.

You need some third party boot loaders like EmpireEFI 10.6.3 to boot original mac DVD or ISO on VirtualBox, because VB doesn’t support Mac virtualization officially. The complete guide of installing original vanilla kernel snow leopard 10.6.4 on VirtualBox available here. Because of old type boot loader could not talk to latest processor and physical hardware properly, this method failed for some users.

I don’t have Intel i series processor to check and confirm, but a user from my previous article reported successful installation by  latest EmpireEFI on intel i3 processor.

Here is the official message from developer.

I’ve now released EmpireEFI for OSX 10.6.3 . It includes OSX kernel which allows a lot of newer Core i-series devices such as Mobile Core i3 , i5 , and newer core i7s (both desktop and laptops as well). To make things even easier , I’ve narrowed the versions into Generic , ATI and NVIDIA. Each of these version contains both Legacy version (meant for problematic system) and the normal version). I am not able to test it thoroughly like I used to as I do not own 10.6.3 Retail DVD. However I can assure you that it should work . If it does not , just post a comment here and I’ll try my best to rectify it !

Changelog :-

  • Included Kernel to enable a variety of Core i series processor
  • Included Natit and newer version of Chameleon


Downloading option is available depends on your physical display card type, but its not applicable on desktop virtualization since VirtualBox guest can’t detect the correct VGA.  Therefore download any versions which will have two ISO files after extraction.

1) BootCD.ISO (This should work on latest Intel core i series processors 32 Bit and 64 Bit. It works on Intel Core 2duo also which I’m using)

2) LegacyBootCD.ISO ( Use this ISO if first one failed. May be you can use on old type processors –Intel Pentium, latest Intel processors with 64 Bit OS and AMD processors. This boot loader also worked on Intel Core2duo)

Install Original Vanilla Kernel Snow Leopard on VirtualBox with Intel Core i series Processors by EmpireEFI 10.6.3

1) Download the latest boot loader and extract it.

2) Get a original retail mac dvd here and make ISO as mentioned in this post or get it from somewhere.

3) Make sure hardware virtualization technology –VT is enabled on host computer BIOS. Read more how to enable VT in BIOS.

4) Follow the installation steps mentioned in earlier post.

Boot loader for Intel Core i series

5) Don’t miss to create partition as shown below.

Boot loader for Intel Core i series

6) As expected installation failed almost at the end. Don’t worry, restart the virtual machine, make sure to load empireEFI ISO again. Select hard disk now and boot.

Snow leopard on intel i series

7) Snow leopard booted successfully after the restart and some initial setups. By any chance if it gets stuck, use the other ISO (BootCD or LegacyBootCD).

8.) Post installation of ‘myHack’ installed properly from boot loader ISO file and I managed to boot directly from hard disk without mounting ISO every time.

Important Note – Take a snapshot before starting this package.
Its not guaranteed this will work on all systems. If you get kernel panic after this installation, please restore the snapshot and use without this package.

Leave the default selections under customize option including ‘’ which is required to manually increase screen resolution.

You can modify and customize these options as per your need, remember, display and sound kexts will not work on virtualized platform in VirtualBox.

Boot loader for Intel Core i series

9) Here is the booting screen of Snow Leopard starting up directly from hard disk without boot loader.

Boot loader for Intel i3,i5,i7

10) Combo update to 10.6.4 did not work here with myHack post installation package. May be it will work up to 10.6.3 as reported by developer. I’m not sure how this is going to work on other type of processors. Try the update with a snapshot.

Important Note – Take a snapshot before starting the update.
If you get kernel panic after this update, please restore the snapshot and use without update.


Boot from boot loader ISO instead of local disk, it worked with update 10.6.4.

NOTE– Clicking ‘About This Mac’ will crash the system.

To see the system details, check under ‘System Profiler’ in utilities.

desktop virtualization software

11) For sound, network, USB support and shared folder between Windows and Mac OS X, check earlier post.

12) To increase screen resolutions size and get your desired size, read this post and some useful comments.

Backup Method

If this method did not work for you, then follow the steps in this post with different boot loader on i series processor

Here we go, one more updated boot loader to install snow leopard on VirtualBox with latest Inter core i series processors.

The only problem you may face is, Mac OS X would crash with kernel panic after updated to 10.6.4 and boot from local disk with myHack chameleon boot loader. This is the story on my Intel core2duo computer.

Please share the issue and successful installation with this method on Intel i series and AMD processors. As usual this method is just for testing and learning purpose. Do not expect all features from Snow Leopard virtual machine as running it on physical apple hardware.

Have fun and leave some comments.

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  1. I have an i7 2.8 GHz and was able to get through the install article (VB 3.2.8 / OSX 10.6.4) you previously listed. I did, however, have to disable the EFI boot option. Even that didn’t initially work. I don’t know if it was related, along with selecting the earliest version of the OS X booter, I also disabled some of the processor related options in VB. I can’t remember which, because after it was up and running, I enabled them again to see what would happen (worked fine). I THINK it was the Enable PAE/NX and Enable Nested Paging that I disabled at first. I really don’t know how those would affect it. It may have been coincidental. But with those off, the machine was able to boot after the install, which it had failed several times previously. After running the legacy kernel update and installing all of the Apple updates, I enabled those and it works fine. But I have not tried sound yet. Thanks again for the great articles.

  2. Hello,

    I was looking for way to run MAC on virtual machine in my core i3 processor and today i saw this but its not working for me again… 🙁
    i tried both bootCD and legacybootCD in both i get a error message i have taken screenshot of the error.. below are is my sys:

    pro: core i3
    ram: 4gm
    video: 128
    HD: 20bg for the image
    Visualization: checked enable

    any help for this

  3. No Danesh bro,

    Its again not working i get the same error msg as i got in EFI 1063, 🙁
    i have double checked all the options they are same as you had mentioned in your posts,
    I installed the OS without any 3rd party software(iboot and EFI) so it get installed completely with no errors. but after restart i get this msg (‘/’ not found).

    by the way i downloaded iboot support.
    and OSX is (snow leopard 10.6.1 by hazard) u know it from where i got that ;).

    So any suggestions now…..
    I will be waiting for your reply.

    • @Hilal,
      Sorry for late reply.
      I’m not sure how snow leopard 10.6.1 by hazard will work on i3 processor, but iBoot boot loader must work with retail ISO or DVD installation. Have you tried it? iBoot created specifically for i series processors.
      You have 32 bit or 64 Bit host OS?

  4. Owh no problem dude i know you might be busy with you daily activities and dude here in our country its hard to find a OSX DVD so i have to download the torrent and about OS…

    in i3 processor we can run both 32 and 64bit OS both but i am using 64bit for the moment.

  5. @Hilal,
    Have you tried iBoot loader with hazard version. iBoot has three ISO files, try all.
    hazard will work without any boot loaders.
    I’m clueless to help you.
    I’m sure one of the combination will work with iboot, EFI, retail ISO and hazard.
    Or try some methods with VMware.
    Let me know.

  6. vbox 4.0, core2duo, 10.6.3 install disk don’t work together. I’ll have to downgrade to 3.2.12 and try again. But I do hope to see updates for vbox 4 as well.

    Intel tool says I do have virtualization on.

    I set as indicated here, with 2 CPUs, guess I should try with 1 as well. 1GB ram and full graphics mem.

    EmpireEFI 1085 does load, I switch to OSX intall iso that I ripped from my disk using imgburn tool, get about 2/3 page of text including
    panic(cpu 0 caller 0x2a948e): “commpage no match for last, next address ffff1780″@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1486.2.11/osfmk/i386/commpage/commpage.c:327
    Debugger called:

    and some hex numbers, BSD process unknown, Mac OS version not yet set, kernel info and system uptime in nanoseconds, then nothing again.

    Ah, choosing 1 CPU instead of 2 got me much further, now at graphical install program.

    • hey bill

      how and where did you select the number cpus? was it at the point right before you select the os x install from the empire efi loader screen? Is the command you punched in cpus=1 ?


  7. Hi! I have some problem when i try install mac os in vmware. My CPU i3-2100. is it possible install mac os with my cpu.

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