Install Viber on PC – Windows 10, Free Download and Installation Guide

If you want to install Viber on Windows 10/11 laptops and desktop PCs, this guide would be helpful. Viber is a free application which allows users to make free VoIP internet calls and send text messages from computers and phones to another Viber client.  This app is available for most mobile Operating Systems like iOS and Android. You may not aware that Viber officially supports Windows Operating Systems, hence we do not need any Android emulator to use it on Windows 10 PC. It can be installed and used like other normal Windows applications.

The official Windows application from the Viber website will do a smooth installation and start working instantly. Though some of the guides on the internet still show the way to install Viber with an Android emulator on Windows PC, we can ignore those long procedures.  In this method, we can simply install it like another normal Windows application.

Install Viber on Windows 10 PC Without Android Emulator

1) Visit the Viber website here and download the file for Windows OS.

Viber for Windows PC

2) Execute the file once it’s downloaded.

Accept the terms and conditions to start the installation.

accept and install

It will download some files online and complete the installation soon.

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3) You should have a mobile phone or tablet with activated Viber with you. Because you will be receiving the activation code on this phone.

So, click yes to get the activation code.

Accept the phone

4) Provide the mobile phone number where you have the working Viber app.

Remember- The Viber on Windows 10 PC will get the same profile as your phone. All Viber contacts from the phone will appear on Windows PC. Also, both phone and Windows PC will receive the same calls and text messages simultaneously once you have entered the same activation code.

number to recive activation code

5) Enter the activation code you received on the next screen. Make sure that the phone is connected to the internet to receive the activation code. Obviously, your Windows 10 PC also should have internet connectivity.

activiation code

6) There you go. It will sync your Viber contacts on the phone to Windows 10/8.1/7 program. You can simply make free calls or send SMS from your PC now.

Sync contacts in viber

You can make audio, and video calls, and send messages and photos from this view.

sending sms

7) You can troubleshoot speaker, microphone and video issues by accessing settings as shown below. If you have more than one speaker, mic and camera, you need to select the correct one to make work properly with Viber on Windows 10 PC.

Viber App settings in Windows 10

This article was originally published in the year 2016 with the available screenshots at that time. The latest Viber for Windows PC may have a different appearance, menu and features. Altogether, the latest version should work well on your PC with enhanced features.

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