[Videos] Create Bootable Lion OS X ISO File from DMG

Create Bootable Lion OS X ISOThe new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is almost near your doors, but this time not as DVD (may be later). Apple is planning to deploy the new Lion OS through App store for existing Mac users, therefore it could be in DMG format. Here I’m sharing two videos based on my two guides to create bootable Lion OS X ISO file which can be used as a common medium. All credits of these two videos go to one of my reader who did the great job.

If you are going to try the final or golden master or normal developers version of Lion OS X in desktop virtualization products and normal PCs, then having an ISO file is essential. Though VirtualBox supports virtual machines to boot with DMG file, but VMware not.  This Lion OS X ISO file do not work in VirtualBox with built-in or other third party boot loaders. This works only with VMware as of now.



The first video shows the important steps to convert a Lion OS X DMG file to bootable ISO.  Just by converting the DMG file to ISO format will not boot the computer, because the current release of Mac OS X 10.7 DMG files can’t be used to boot any new physical or virtual machines.  The available Lion OS X DMG files should be executed inside OS to upgrade your existing system or have multiple boot (by installing in different hard disk) with working Snow Leopard.

After running few commands and copying files, the final ISO file is bootable. The below video explains the steps nicely.

Refer my original article on creating bootable Lion OS X VMDK file.


The second video shows how to convert the newly prepared bootable DMG to ISO and boot in VMware. You need to patch the VMware software to make this work.  Make sure to follow the steps mentioned in my earlier article how to install Lion OS X in VMware.

I’m sure the above two videos would have been more informative.

Have fun.

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4 thoughts on “[Videos] Create Bootable Lion OS X ISO File from DMG”

  1. HI,
    I have converted the .dmg to .iso successfully. But In vmwaere when ever I starts the Vm it says ” The CPU has been disabled by the Guest Operating system”
    Can you please help me? My hardware is Xeon 3.2 GHz with 8 GB RAM. VT is enabled in BIOS.


  2. appriciate your efforts to explain so well.. i have managed to install 10.7.4 by making .iso file same way as you explained.. sound worked for me by default. my problem starts when i try to reboot.. on restart the screen will hang on apple logo and nothing happens,, good i had taken a snapshot of the fresh install.. can you please help how do i get over it.. can’t even install vmware tools as it never comes up after restart.. plzzzz…

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