Oh.. VirtualBox, Still you are Missing These all!

VirtualBox 3.2 Still Missing all

Oh VirtualBox 3.2, still you are missing these all for normal desktop users like me. I like your desktop virtualization software, which is very fast and easy to work with. After Oracle bought you, your name changed and added new features. But unfortunately new features are too advanced for normal desktop users and we cant see any changes in ‘major version’ of Oracle VirtualBox 3.2.

I use VB for virtualization of Operating systems in windows environment and Intel based PCs only, but my blog readers use in different platforms and OSs. We all are happy with your product and even I compiled 8 points why VirtualBox is better than VMware.

Latest Oracle VirtualBox 3.2 is still missing following features for normal desktop users.

1) Cloning Virtual Machines.

Cloning Virtual Machines are not easy as other virtualization products. Because of GUI Cloning option is missing, most of the users are not using Cloning VMs and spending lot of time for reinstallation.

Still, I published a post of Cloning VMs in Command prompt for my users.

2) Physical to Virtual (P2V)

Developments on VirtualBox are very fast and good, but why you are not adding this P2V feature? We like to virtualize our physical machines to Oracle VirtualBox and play with it.  We have to depend on other products for VirtualBox P2V then import.

Read more here for P2V

3) Still USB is an Issue

Swapping USB devises between host and guest is still an issue with VirtualBox. Windows 7, Windows Vista and some other Operating systems ( as reported by other users) face same USB issue. Sometimes, we have to shutdown our hosts completely to make this USB work.

4) Allow me to Add Hard disks, Network Adapters while VM working

Let me change some basic settings of virtual machines, like adding hard disks and network adapters to working guest machines. This will avoid powering off working VMs to change basic settings. May be you support this in command prompt ( which I didn’t try at all), but add this in GUI.

5) Consider About Windows Aero

Though, your 3D support on guest machines works well, consider to add Windows aero support in VirtualBox. Let us feel the Windows aero on non Windows hosts.

6) Branched Snapshots good, but make it better

Make your Branched snapshots and interface more better and understandable. Some users still struggling to manage snapshots whether to delete or keep.

You can find out more information about branched snapshots I posted here.

7) More Processor Cores for 64bit Guest

VB is not allowing me to select both processor cores ( in Core2Duo) for 64Bit Virtual machine guest operating systems such as Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7 64 bit. It will be a great deal if you allow this feature in processors.

8.) Base Memory Limitation

Do you have any reasons to limit guest VM memory up to 1500MB only? Even with 3 and 4GB host machines I can’t select more than 1500MB memory for VM.

9) Let me Connect my LPT Printers

Am I missing any options or settings to connect my LPT printers to Virtual machine in VirtualBox? I couldn’t find any options in GUI console. Just for this reason, i had to go for other virtualization software at my office.

10) When you will add Drag and drop feature between host and guest

This will save our time to setting up VB shared folder for each location we wanted to transfer data between host and guest. Drag and drop will be an ideal data transfer method from any where to any where.

11) Disk management tools to compact, extend, shrink and defrag disks

Try to add some built in GUI options to compact, defragment and manage vdi disk files. So, this will help us to save some disk space and improve disk performance for Virtual Machines.

The above points came out from my experience with Windows host and Intel based computers. Please do share if you have similar issues with different hosts. This points will be taken to VirtualBox forum and some body look these all.

Am I wrong with this list, or missing anything? What’s your thought about Oracle VirtualBox 3.2?

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

10 thoughts on “Oh.. VirtualBox, Still you are Missing These all!”

  1. I’m running virtualbox 3.2 on a debian GNU/Linux amd64 host, and I can’t see the memory or core limitations you mention above (I’m currently running a Windows7 64-bit VM using both cores of my core2duo and 2Gb of RAM in the guest, out of the 3Gb from the host).

    Addind harddisks or networks adaptors, although doable, would be of a dubious usefulness, because most OSs don’t expect those kind of devices to be hotplugged.

    “Defragment” a vdi image doesn’t have any sense; it could contain any kind of filesystem, and every filesystem which needs defragmenting has its own tools and ways of defragmentation. Anyways, most filesystems are well designed enought to not to need manual defragmentation.

    Virtual disks cannot be also easily resized.

    And drag’n drop support… I might be doable, but with a lot of work for every supported guest and host. Drag’n drop works in very different ways across platforms. And I don’t see the shared folders approach such a pain to setup.

    for P2V, you can always create a VM using physical partitions and make a sanpshot. Then, you’re done.

  2. These suggestions are either available by using the command line tools, fixed already, completely pointless or more suitable to be fixed by third party tools. You are not very technically minded for someone who claims to be “addicted to virtualization”. I mean come on – drag and drop? Do you have any idea how much coding it would take just to implement a feature designed specifically for retards? You’re totally clueless.

    • Hi Ryan Sharp,
      Thanks for your comment, I don’t know how you reached my post, anyhow I’m glad to read a comment like this.

      Yes, I’m not very technically minded to understand the codings from developers side. If you are one of the developer or contributor for VirtualBox community, then I must say ‘ You are doing a great job‘.

      I clearly said in my post that some of the things can be done by command prompts and third party tools, even I published several posts and linked to them.
      I wrote this post as normal home or newbie user of VirtualBox or some one who is switching to VB from other products, still there are so many users using VirtualBox who don’t know to run VBox commands.

      Your suggestions and comments are highly welcomed in this blog. Keep visiting.

      Note – I removed ‘addicted to virtualization’ and my author box from this blog for other blogging reasons. Your comment also pointing that. nice timing 🙂

  3. There are a few things fundamentally wrong with this article.
    #7-Not true, a Windows guest detects more than one for me. Or you have no VT-x support on your CPU (but then you can’t even run a 64-bit guest).
    #8-Not true, the limit is higher than that. You just can’t assign more than 88% of your computer’s memory.

  4. Hello Dinesh,

    I really appreciate your blog.

    However, 1 thing is missing from this post:

    The ability to set video memory higher than 128mb.

    That way, we can all get better 3d performance.

    • Hi lordalpha1,
      Yes, you are correct, that’s the reason we do not get full 3d performance and Windows 7 aero. There could be some reason for that and I hope it will be fixed in forthcoming versions.

  5. I like your write up, but have the following disagreements.

    1. I can just shut down/save the vm, and copy the files. Why do you need a gui for that? And if my host system supports snapshots (using lvm, zfs, etc.) then I don’t even need to shut it down (assuming guest file system doesn’t suck and corrupt its files, since it is equivalent to a hard reset/power off).

    4. I miss this too! I want to add hard disks… I especially love moving virtual disks to different hosts to repair and modify them (boot loaders, fsck, partitioning, etc.)

    7. On my 8 core (4 with HT) Linux machine, I can add 8 cores to a vm… why would I want more? Is this #7 out of date? In many systems, they are not shpped with full virtualization enabled in the BIOS. If you enable that, you should be fine.

    8. The other day I gave 8 GB to a VM because it wanted more than that to compile FreeBSD 9 rc3. It worked fine. (Maybe you set your VM to 32 bit? That limits most OSses to around 4 GB)

    10. Drag and drop files would be great, but that never works for me in VMware either… never compiles properly, so I skip that step. But I’m a Linux techy, so it is simple (or preferred in most cases) for me to just use scp, rsync, etc. instead.

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