What is utweb.exe? Can I Remove or How to Remove in Windows?

Utweb is the file that is present in all uTorrent downloaders. It is designed by BitTorrent and is used to connect to other P2P computers to share data.

What is utweb.exe?

Utweb.exe is the executable file name that runs in the background to keep the connection alive, as it pings all other P2P computers via which it is downloading the file.

What Is Utweb

This file acts as a swarm for the current computer and helps connect with another computer’s swarm in the P2P network.

As no central server is present, this swarm is responsible for all data transfer. The file needed is broken into multiple small pieces and downloaded to the requested device in parts using swarm technology.

Once all required files are collected at the downloader end, it is joined by utweb, and the complete file is available.  

How do I Fix Utweb.exe in Windows 11/10?

Utweb.exe is an important file for the uTorrent P2P application. If you suspect that it is acting weirdly or affected by virus/malware, you can follow the below steps.

  • Repair the Visual C++ files
  • Uninstall and reinstall the latest uTorrent client on your Windows 10/11
  • Do a Windows update
  • Scan your computer for viruses/malware with a reputed Antivirus software

How to Fix a Broken utweb.exe File?

There are many options available to repair or fix the utweb.exe file, as mentioned below:

1) By repairing Visual C++ files:

In a few cases where the program throws an error for visual C++, that can be resolved by downloading and repairing the existing Visual C++ redistributable libraries.

  • Go to the Microsoft Visual C++ download page here:
  • Download and launch the program
  • Visual C++ file will try to repair broken files. If it doesn’t, the software will display a message saying: “This Visual C++ file cannot be repaired.”
  • In scenarios where the Visual C++ cannot repair, the user must manually uninstall the existing copy of Visual Studio and then reinstall the program from scratch.

2) By reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ files:

Go to control panel -> add/remove the program on Windows 10/11 to uninstall the existing version of Visual C++

After removing the program, restart the PC for changes to update

Once the PC is restarted, launch the downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable file

Download Visual C In Windows 11
  • After the program is reinstalled, reboot the PC and launch the program to test its performance.

3) By reinstalling the uTorrent client:

If in case, after repairing or reinstalling Microsoft files, the program doesn’t launch, then it’s time to remove and reinstall a fresh copy of the uTorrent client.

  • Go to control panel -> add/remove the program on Windows 10/11 to uninstall the uTorrent client
  • It will ask whether you also want to remove settings or not, make an appropriate selection and hit ok
  • The uTorrent client will be uninstalled now; restart the computer, reinstall the program from the official website, and check for errors.
Uninstall UTorrent Client

4) By performing Windows Update:

Even after following the above steps, if the error doesn’t disappear, it’s time to check and perform Windows Update.

Windows Update brings in many new changes for the Windows OS, which sometimes causes one or another program to stop working.

Doing a Windows Update and then checking the program’s performance might help fix the utweb.exe error.

Install Windows Update To Fix Utweb Exe

Can I Remove or How to Remove in Windows?

As we now know how crucial the utweb file is, if a user would like to remove or delete this file, it will directly impact the performance of the uTorrent downloader.

If the user is not interested in using the uTorrent downloader, then the file can be removed by going to the control panel or settings. This is a standard process to remove any applications from the system.

Also, suppose the system is affected by malware causing high CPU or memory usage for the utweb.exe file. In that case, one can expect this to be affected by the virus and should verify its location, and then the uTorrent downloader can be removed.

To check the originality of the file, one can check here:  C:\Users\Ab\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent Web

If utweb.exe is available at the above location, then it can be concluded that the file is genuine and based on the behaviour it exhibits, the uninstallation process can be executed.

FAQs about utweb:

Is utweb.exe malware?

Utweb.exe is not a malware; it is an important file that helps connect to another P2P computer on the network and locate a swarm to download files.

Is utweb a virus?

No, it is an executable file developed by BitTorrent for the uTorrent client. It helps one P2P user to connect with another without having a centralised server.

What is utweb exe error?

When the uTorrent client stops to work due to a virus infection that results in a utweb.exe error.
This error can be resolved by either repairing the program (if available) or reinstalling the program again.

Why is utweb not working?

Sometimes due to virus infection, the utweb.exe gets corrupt, and it causes the uTorrent client to stop working. In some cases, it is unable to launch or doesn’t exist in its respective program file folder, and this issue can be resolved by reinstalling the program again.

What are some of the common errors you get in utweb.exe?

Many error messages come up while using the uTorrent client, but here are some of the most common: Windows failed to start – utweb.exe, Faulting Application Path: utweb.exe, The file utweb.exe is missing or corrupt, utweb.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience

Utweb.exe causing high CPU and memory usage?

When the base file (utweb.exe) gets infected by malware, it behaves randomly. In some cases, it increases the usage of CPU and memory and thus slows down the PC as a whole.
In such cases, removing and reinstalling the uTorrent client is the solution.


uTorrent is a great program, and the importance of the utweb.exe is very high. Any issue with the .exe file can cause many problems with the program or the pc.

If you know of any issues you have ever encountered and how you resolved this, do let us know in the comment section below.

If any of the above solutions did not fix the Windows PC issues, we recommend downloading the below PC repair tool to identify and solve any PC Issues.

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