20+ Best Torrenting Sites You Must Know

Technology has changed the mode of work from manual to automatic. Similarly torrenting is also the automatic way to get any file downloaded as it works with the peer to peer technology. If you are fond of watching movies or listening to music, then you must remember days when a movie can only download via a slow dial-up connection, and it was bizarre to go out for buying the CD. Nowadays no one bothers to invest money in purchasing a CD just because of the new technology of torrenting. So in this article, you will be getting information about the best torrenting sites from where you can download your favourite stuff quickly.

Best Torrenting SitesHow Torrenting Works?

Torrenting sites are one of the best ways to get your hands on large files that are free of cost for instance videos, movies, software and so forth.Torrent is a file that has sent by BitTorrent protocol. While transmission, the file does not complete and then named as a torrent. It differs from other standard downloads in a way that more than one servers are downloading them. The unique BitTorrent takes the help of multiple systems to transfer one file. People are downloading files while using torrent because of the fact it is cheaper and easier than other methods.

Things to be Noted:

Torrenting files are not always a safe option to use. For a reason, many torrenting sites are delivering files that are not genuine. Most significantly before downloading anything from the torrenting site, you should know if it is safe for your system or not. Some torrenting sites claim that they are legal, but they do not deliver legitimate content.

List of Best Torrenting Sites


So far this particular torrenting site has made itself the best torrenting site just because of maintaining its quality over the past 11 years. The Pirate Bay allows its user to have free access to a variety of e-books without charging you any money. You can always download endless torrents from here without getting worried about the content. There are also other advantages of this website, for example, you can create your account on the pirate bay and can get points while the file downloads. For their visitor, they have forums where you can ask them for any particular file.

2. RArBG:

The RArBG made its name on the list within no time. It is the newest place you can find on the internet. Earlier it begins its journey with the BitTorrent tracker, and along with this, it provided magnetic links for tons of people in a day. This website also understands its new users, so it is a straightforward site and friendly to use. With all its positive features, its only negative attribute is that you cannot get all of the files for free here. So for all the folks that want to download free files, it is the bad news and can lower down its hits.


It is also known as (KAT) and is the best torrenting site found. You must be wondering why? The answer is that this torrenting site offers you to download both magnetic links and torrent files. Not only this you can also send your feedback and can make a comment to them in case you have some query or not. It has a good variety of mp3 songs, ebooks torrent, and other applications.

Kickass Torrents website

4. 1337X:

If you are in search of an old torrent, then here is the 1337x that can be one of the best choices. It is the torrenting site that shows you the right content to download. You can get some favourite tv shows torrent as well as torrents that are internationally featured.


The lime torrent gets less attractive as compared to other torrenting sites. Now it is making a huge database and trying hard to get more users. It is not compromising on its quality but managing to provide you with high standard torrent files.


The torrent download came to this torrenting world in 2011, and from that time it is busy making traffic of people towards its site. It is the supplier of a broad range of digital torrent files and hence adding itself to this list.


ISO HUNT was known to be the top place for torrenting, but for some reason, iso hunt.com was shut down, and after that incident, its activity got affected. Although this torrent site has no relation to the iso hunt website and it is an independent one. In addition to it, the struggle this site did is a plus, and it started getting millions of hits per day again and is now gaining more and more popularity. They have made the navigation a bit complicated for the new torrent users. ISO hunt torrenting site has different categories like software, anime, e-books and much more you can find here.


You will be surprised after knowing that Torrent hound currently has a huge database On their home page, you can get information about their visitors each day, how many downloads are there so on and so forth.


Monova is another on the list of best torrenting sites that is due to its fast growth on the internet. It delivers the option to get digital content from the torrent file. The reason it attracts people is its diversification of application and other things like HD movies that they upload daily on the website. If you want to upload something in Monova then for this you have to do signup for it.

10. YTS.ag:

It is also a BitTorrent tracker although differ from others because it is peculiar in movies. Most of the people using this torrent file find it a legitimate, and safer option for downloading your must have a list of music files or movies.

YIFY Torrent


For providing torrenting facilities of your choice, Bitsnoop has demonstrated itself to be the leading website regarding getting users from all over the world. This site proceeds as a web crawler for finding a better quality torrent. Except for ads, nothing is bad about this torrenting site. The navigation that they offer is not that hard, and they have claimed their data is increasing each hour. If you want to know your downloading history, then you should search torrent files from Bitsnoop.


It made its place among its users due to its status that shows this torrent site has each record verified. It also proffers a broad range of different kind of torrent files. How convenient it is to have a search bar on this site so that you can download the desired torrent.


One of the best peer to peer torrenting site is your bit torrent. Another characteristic it possesses is to allow its visitors to share files that are of a large size for example games, mp3 files, and more web content. There is also a multi-tracker facility for you so that you can put your feedback.


If you are looking for a torrenting site regarding its ranking, then get all your torrents from Torrentz. It has become successful because of the reliability it offers. It can redirect the visitor to other websites via the internet. Moreover, it has some astonishing dashboard and that no doubt attracts its users.  Its interface contains unique designs and has two options a user menu and a search panel where you can search for anything.


As the name suggests games, torrent is the most famous torrenting site when it comes to downloading 3D games. It was founded in 2008 mainly for youngers who like to play games. It is a torrent site dedicated to all game lovers around the globe.

16. EZTV:

The EZTV torrenting site is way too easy for the new users who do not know much about torrenting. It has content, but at other locations, it is not accessible just for its past controversies. On their website, there are two options where you can search quickly. Among the two search options first one is for searching the file you and the other option is for opting tv shows of your choice. So if you love to watch tv shows, but in case you missed some of the episodes then this torrent site is for you.

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It is becoming a popular site as it is working hard to make the visitor experience outstanding of downloading a torrent. Furthermore, it is popular regarding the look that it has. Turlock is the website that claims that all the torrents that have found here are not fake instead they are genuine. In addition to it, they have no old torrent but just new torrents of movies, games, and a lot more.


Mininova is considered one of the best torrenting sites for its advanced search option, and it can easily handle it by filtering the search result. Here you have the facility to upload whatever you want to with the facility to download torrent files from here too.

19. T411:

T411 is the semi-private torrenting site that also has an outstanding range of torrenting files. The website has focused on how a torrenting site should be to make millions of hits every day. Hence it is user-friendly with a suitable interface.


Sumo torrent is another fast torrent downloading site. Without any doubt, this is a free website that is maintaining its position by providing its visitor with the best options. This site has all the material legit, and one can download anything from here safely.


For individuals who are concerned about the verification of the torrent files the torrent, the day is the relevant website one should ask. With just clicks, you can quickly find incredible data.


We have tried to cover almost all the best torrenting sites you must know. So, you have a chance to download the latest movies, software as well as games or files without spending a single cent on it. When you are searching for some great content, then the list mentioned above will help you how to decide which torrenting website will fulfil your requirements. Moreover, these all site will not give the virus to your laptop or PC, in fact, these are all well-reviewed and tested. So this is the time to bookmark all these torrenting sites for a better experience and quality.

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