Mountain Lion 10.8.2 VMware Image – How to Run it in VMware workstation 9, Windows 7

Here is another Hackintosh guide on desktop virtualization software VMware workstation 9. This is about latest Mountain Lion 10.8.2 VMware pre installed image and it is working fine on Windows 7 without any issues. The image is created and uploaded by souldevteam team and full credits go to them.

Sysprobs earlier wrote about 10.8 VMware image here. Once you update 10.8 through software or manual update, you might face issue in booting it up again, because the update overwrites kernel files which will create trouble in restarting. Therefore it is always recommended to have latest versions from fresh installation and this image is created from fresh OS X 10.8 with several fixed issues.

Update: If you are looking for Lion 10.8.2 VMware image with AMD processor support, please visit the latest guide about AMD supported image.

You can visit author’s original post here. This method is for testing purpose only, do not expect all Mac OS X features as running it on physical apple computer. The fixed issues are; iMessage in VMware, Ivy Bridge processor support (so the Apple logo issue while booting should be fixed with Ivy Bridge processors on most of the latest computers) and good boot time, as per the author’s statement.

How to Run OS X 10.8.2 on VMware workstation 9

1. Download the image and extract it.

2. Patch the VMware workstation using unlocker.

3. Open virtual machine configuration file

4. Modify VM settings if required

5. Just fire up the 10.8.2 VM.

It should be working fine.

Important Things to Check (Must Check)

1. Make sure hardware virtualization technology (VT) is enabled in motherboard BIOS (of course your processor should have that capability)


Read our earlier guide about how to enable VT in Intel processor based computers.

2) Your VMware workstation 9 or 8 should be patched by VMware workstation 9 unlocker to be able to run Mac OS X guests.


Follow this guide to unlock VMware.

I could see in earlier articles that readers keep on reporting about the errors and issues they face without checking above requirements. Again, make sure above two requirements are met before staring virtual machine.

3) Extract the downloaded zipped file with 7z program in Windows 7

4) Once you open the ‘OS X Mountain Lion.vmx’ you can notice that guest version is set to 10.7. Do not change it to 10.8, because I tried and it never booted for me. So leave it as it is.

Guest OS showing 10.7

5) You can modify settings (number of processor cores, RAM, network) of virtual machine if you have enough resources on host computer.

6) Switch on the VM now. Mountain Lion 10.8.2 should start with initial setup screen as below.

initial setup screen

If the virtual machine stuck with Apple logo loading screen, you can try following steps;


a) Check Apple Mac OS X guest support under guest operating systems after patching VMware unlocker.

b) Change the number of processor cores.

c) Try to restart virtual machine several times

d) Make sure you are using the latest VMware workstation


Follow our earlier guide to install VMware tools on Mountain Lion 10.8 to get better screen resolutions, slight display performance improvement and shared folder feature between Lion OS X guest and Windows 7 host.

If you want to use iMessage in this 10.8.2 VMware pre installed image, you can follow this guide from souldevteam.

27 thoughts on “Mountain Lion 10.8.2 VMware Image – How to Run it in VMware workstation 9, Windows 7”

  1. Hi can you help,

    i have follwed all the steps and it gets to the grey Apply screen and does nothing from there, I have made sure VT is enabled in BIOS.
    my sytem details are as follows:

    Manufacturer Acer
    Model Acer Aspire M3910
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 550 @ 3.2GHz 3.20GHz
    Installed Memory (RAM) 3.00 GB
    System Type 64-bit operating System


  2. I get this error ! Any ideas?
    “The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine.”

    System Specs:
    CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1075t
    RAM: Kingstone 8GB
    Mobo: Asus M4A87TD EVO

  3. Works great, thank you!
    I was wondering, is it okay to install the Apple patches to MacOS (currently there is a patch for “OS X v10.8.2 Supplemental Update 1.0”). Will this break anything in MacOS if it patches the OSX kernel?

  4. Lenovo ThinkPad W530
    VMware Workstation v9
    Windows 8, 64 bit
    OS 10.8.2
    Patched VMWare & ran latest VM Tools from to get range of display resolutions

    Works great in a window but not in “Unity” mode – error message: The virtual machine cannot enter Unity mode because the guest operating system is running an out-of-date version of VMware Tools

    Please – suggestions on how to get it in “Unity” mode?


  5. So interesting that it’s not specified that it won’t work with most of the AMD processors. I don’t even think it’s a solution (or even an easy one or safe). I got the same error: “The CPU has been disabled …”
    I still hope that someone will find how to resolve that.

  6. Is there anyway to get iBooks Author to work on this build? The app installs, but you can’t see anything in the work space. If you toggle orientations you see whats on the page for a moment, but then its gone again.

  7. Can anyone please help, I tried to use the vmware tools inside mac os x 10.8.2 mountain lion and now whenever the os starts it completely blanks out gray at the login screen (although i can still enter my password in blank) when i resize the window and re maximize it works fine but eventually blanks out gray again.

    Finally the dashboard in mac os x whenever i click it, it freezes completely and maybe after 5 minutes and if i click escape key it works sometimes.

  8. I’m unable to get Bridged Networking to work when host is using wifi. osx client is stuck with apipa.
    When the host is using hard wired ethernet then bridged works. NAT works. Any Ideas?

  9. Please somebody help , i may sound dumb 😛 i have downloaded the image two times using the link provided and when i check the size of .7z file it shows 4.34 GB but when i extract it , the size is NOTHING the .VMDK and all other files show size as ZERO KB :'( any ideas..>>>???? i have used 3 different extractors please somebody help me

  10. @All AMD Users,

    Update: If you are looking for Lion 10.8.2 VMware image with AMD processor support, please visit the latest guide about AMD supported image.

  11. Hey mate, all working great on an AMD Phenom II X2 555. Just one problem, it hangs at the “Create Your Computer Account” screen after entering everything and hitting continue, it says “Creating your account…” and then spinner works away for a while then hangs. Any ideas?

  12. $ glxgears
    X Error of failed request: GLXBadContext
    Major opcode of failed request: 0 ()
    Serial number of failed request: 23
    Current serial number in output stream: 23
    this is Mountain Lion w/x11 and mesa
    I get the same type message on any 3d program.
    Have I missed a vga driver along the way?

  13. hello guys , is there any one who would guide me , I want to use the integrated webcam of my acer aspire-4752 , i am using vmware player

  14. Every time I attempt to startup the virtual machine it brings up a grey screen reporting that the boot was unsuccessful form the hard drive(SCSI)?? Any Ideas.

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