Is It Worth Buying An Expensive Business Laptop?

Whether you are working from home or running your own business, you can probably use any laptop. Unless you need to do specialist work, a laptop with basic functionality will do the job. As such, you may not think it is worth buying an expensive business laptop.

To the uninitiated, a business laptop may seem outdated. In an age in which we use our personal phones for business, getting a laptop geared towards work feels unnecessary. However, there are some convincing reasons to buy an expensive business laptop.

Expensive Business Laptop

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What benefits does a business laptop give you? Here are some of the reasons it is worth buying one.

Expensive Business Laptops? Points to Consider


Any good personal laptop will last up to six years. The longevity of a business laptop may not seem like such a big feature. However, business laptops last longer in a different sense.

Because business laptops are built to handle heavy usage every single week, they continue functioning at a high level throughout their lifespans. Their battery does not deteriorate as other laptop batteries do. You won’t have to worry about working with a slow laptop after just a year or two have passed.

The way you use your business laptop also impacts its longevity. If you’re using your personal laptop for work, you put it through a lot more than if you have a dedicated business laptop.


For some lovers of good tech, a custom-built laptop is a no-brainer. You can DIY a laptop with incredible specs that does exactly what you need. But most casual laptop users will go for a readymade device.

Business laptops give you something in between. They are easier to configure, with more customization options available than on a regular laptop. You include what you need specifically for your business.


One of the significant differences between work and leisure activity is the importance of security. While security and privacy are essential in our day-to-day lives – and we should take them more seriously than we do – they are crucial in business. This is true whether you are working for a company with massive competitors and saboteurs or working for yourself.

Data Security For Laptops

The reality is that your business data is sensitive no matter what. If you’re dealing with customer data, being hacked can be catastrophic. As such, you cannot just rely on basic security measures.

Business laptops are more secure than regular laptops. They have more robust privacy features and are much more challenging to hack. This is a solid reason to spring for a business laptop, even if you have an excellent laptop for personal use.


Every laptop comes with a warranty. It is a basic commitment from the manufacturer that the laptop will work as expected. However, most warranties last for just a year. If you pay for an extension, there are very few cases where the manufacturer will honor it without question.

Since a business laptop is expected to last longer, you will generally get a longer warranty. Many business laptops come with three-year warranties at no extra cost. This is very important when running a business from your laptop, as you cannot afford for it to be out of service. Not everyone has the money to spend on an unexpected hardware issue.


Finally, a significant reason to get a business laptop is so that you can separate work from play. It is becoming harder than ever to find a good work-life balance. It can be almost impossible to compartmentalize your life if you are watching Netflix on the same laptop where you receive your work emails. This can lead to burnout and makes enjoying your personal life much harder.

Buying an expensive business laptop is not 100% necessary. You can get by with an excellent personal laptop. However, it is worth getting a business laptop for the above reasons.

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