[How to Fix]- USB Mouse Stopped Working After Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Update in VMware

USB Mouse Stopped Working After Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Update in VMware

After several users reported in previous post about USB mouse stopped or stuck in Mac OS X Snow Leopard after 10.6.6 update in VMware.  There are few extra strings suggested to add in Virtual machine’s configuration file, but it did not work.  This guide shows how to fix when USB mouse stopped working after Snow Leopard 10.6.6 software automatic or manual update in VMware workstation/Player.

The reason for not responding USB mouse is, 10.6.6 update replaces the IOUSBFamily.kext and  IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext in system. These new kext files causing the issue on hackintosh methods. We need to replace these files to older version after 10.6.6 update before restart the system.

This can be done in two methods.  Whatever you do, make sure to do it before restart the Snow leopard virtual machine after 10.6.6 update.

First Method – Manually Backup and Restore

After you installed Snow leopard freshly from this method or with pre installed image as mentioned here, copy (backup) these two IOUSBFamily.kext and  IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext files from /System/Library/Extensions to some other folder. Make sure this time your USB mouse, storage and other devices are working fine with these file versions.

Now, run the software update to 10.6.6. When it prompts for restart, DO NOT RESTART.  Copy these two files from earlier location and replace (Paste) them to /System/Library/Extensions.

I always suggest taking a snapshot in VMware or taking a system backup in Mac Time Machine. Now restart the virtual machine. I’m sure you will not have USB mouse not working problem anymore in SL 10.6.6 now.

The latest 10.6.6 update installed following version of IOUSBFamily.kext.

USB Mouse Stopped Working After Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Update in VMware

I replaced this file with older version of IOUSBFamily.kext which came with 10.6.3 (My USB mouse was working fine that time)

I did the similar step to IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext too before restart the system.

Second Method – Install from Package

If you are not comfortable with first method on finding, copying and restoring these files, then this installation package will do the job for you. This method replaces only IOUSBFamily.kext file to earlier version of 10.6.

Download this package here.

Before start the software update, transfer this file to Snow Leopard virtual machine or download it inside VM.  Do the software update to 10.6.6 and DO NOT RESTART now.

Run the IOUSBFamily-378.pkg package. Installation steps are very straight forward.

Restart the system after this installation.

The IOUSBFamily-378.pkg replaced the IOUSBFamily.kext to following version.

desktop virtualization software

This version is also helping to solve USB mouse issue after 10.6.6 update in VMware.

What to do if you already updated?

Unfortunately, I don’t have correct solution for this. Try below two methods.

1) Restore to previous Snapshot.

This is a solid fix. If you have a snapshot before updating, while USB devices working properly, then restore to that. Later, update to 10.6.6 and replace USB kexts files.

2) Start with –f option.

I’m not sure with this method. In case you don’t have snapshot, then start the Mac VM with –f option.

Press F8 in first Darwin boot black screen which will take to next screen where you can start the Snow leopard with extra switches. Type –f and press ENTER.

desktop virtualization software

Most of the time this will bring USB option again. Install the package or replace kexts files mentioned earlier and restart VM.

I’m sure one of above steps will be helpful to fix USB mouse problem in VMware Snow Leopard after 10.6.6 update.

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Have fun.

66 thoughts on “[How to Fix]- USB Mouse Stopped Working After Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Update in VMware”

  1. Thanks Phenom II! I downloaded the combo update for 10.6.6 through safari and not through the software update (which tried to install 10.6.7 and automatically restarted not giving a chance to resinstall the kexts) and then ran multibeast before the restart. I guess i could’ve installed the combo update of 10.6.7 through safari download, but oh well.

    I have a new problem though! Ill check to see if there is another topic covering it, but my audio is pretty choppy. Almost as if it is skipping. Has anyone come across this? Does anyone know of a solution?

  2. Hi All,
    I updated to 10.6.8 by the combo update. Before update I created an alias for the terminal and put it on the desktop. Then copied the two files for the USB to my home directory. After the install and reboot, I opened the terminal from the desktop, logged in as root by su and copied the files from my home directory back and rebooted and it worked fine.
    Thanks for all the helpful tips here.

  3. “Copy these two files from earlier location and replace (Paste) them to /System/Library/Extensions.”
    On 10.6.8. in VirtualBox 4.1. (the host machine has i3 CPU) when I copy files over the new ones, operation succeeds (after I enter my login data) but at the end it gives an error that extensions were not properly installed and will not be used and after rebooting the mouse is stuck again 🙁

    If I try the pkg file, everything works fine, but then I cannot use native VirtualBox EFI booting – I get kernel panic, something related to IOACPIFamily.

    What is wrong with 10.6.8. on VirtualBox 4.1.? Why I have a choice – nonworking mouse and booting from EFI versus working mouse but no EFI boot? And still crashing “About My Mac” – I thought 10.6.8. supports i3 CPUs…
    Can I have it all on VirtualBox 4.1.?

    • @midix
      @David James

      I had exactly the same problems in Virtual Box as you guys.

      I was able to solve the problem with multibeast!

      I downloaded it from tonymacx86 and the only thing i marked was USB Rollback. Everything else was left unchecked.

      After a system restart everything was working fine.

  4. I have the same problem as midix (im using 10.6.8) If I copy over the kext file the I get the error. these files have not been properly installed. Does anyone know a way to alter the file that will not cause that error. thanks.

  5. Strange I got it working by doing the following: (This is after the Update and Mouse was not working)

    Went in the Virtualbox manager and under settings for Snow Leopard (Name of my virtual system), I checked the “Enable EFI” box. Then I rebooted with the iBoot ISO as first boot device, this is the ISO I used to initially install SL on my system), and hard drive second. Restarted SL and it booted right to desktop and the mouse was then working.

  6. I use the First Method – Manually Backup and Restore, but the mouse also cannot move, too! Please help me. Thank you!!!

    • You might be able to fix this even after you’ve already updated to 10.6.6+.

      As far as I am aware of, the keyboard usually keeps working in this situation. What I did is mounting the Snow Leopard DVD, and starting up a terminal, to release the power of text only command line.

      To do this, you need to change the image in your DVD to the Snow Leopard one; wait for a bit to let it mount, then press “Command+Shift+U”, which directs you to the Utilities folder, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Terminal”, and press “Command+O”, which opens a Terminal Window. After that, I think you just need to copy these two files from the /Volumes/*your snow leopard dvd*/System/Library/Extentions to the corresponding place on hard disk.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Whoa. I was using VirtualBox, and I just updated. So, I had to delete my SATA, and redo EVERYTHING again, and install the stuff. What a waste. ._.

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