Install and Update Snow Leopard Hazard 10.6.4 on VMware Player

The famous hackintosh version of Snow Leopard _10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard can be installed on another free virtualization product VMware Player. It’s very easier than retail vanilla installation on VMware as  mentioned here. This post shows how to install and update snow leopard hazard to 10.6.4 on VMware Player, of course this is applicable for VMware workstation also.

Installation is easy but combo update is little difficult, because the kernels come with hazard10.6.1-10.6.2 work only up to 10.6.2.  Here I’m showing how to update it to 10.6.4 and get latest iTunes and Safari versions on VMware player.

Somehow this hackintosh method is not required since we can install retail version perfectly as shown in earlier post. Still, if you have this ISO and want to try on VMPlayer, then follow the steps.

Demonstration PC Configurations

Intel Core2Duo 2.66GHz, 3GB RAM, Intel P35 Chipset, Windows 7 32 Bit Host OS and Virtualization Technology (VT) is enabled on physical computer BIOS.

What you need?

Check and download latest VMware Player 3.1.1 here (Official site)

Download Snow Leopard _10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard ISO file from your favorite Torrent site.

Download pre configured (Snowy-VM) VMware settings for Mac OS X guest

Installation Steps for Snow Leopard Hazard 10.6.4 on VMware Player

1) Extract the downloaded Snowy_VM files.

2) On VMplayer, select open a virtual machine and open Mac OS X Server 10.6 (experimental).vmx file.

3) Edit the VM settings as you like, such as processor cores and memory size.  Mount the downloaded Snow Leopard _10.6.1-10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard ISO file to CD ROM and start.

Update Snow Leopard Hazard 10.6.4 on VMware Player

4) Are you getting “ System config file / not found” error? Just reset the VM  and press F8 when booting next time. At the boot prompt just press Enter key without typing anything. See below.

Update Snow Leopard Hazard 10.6.4 on VMware Player

5) Continue the installation steps, select hard disk and press enter. Before pressing Install button go to customize and select more options. You can try installing  latest boot loader to avoid attaching any boot loader ISO files every time. Don’t select any updates because we will run 10.6.4 update directly later.

AMD users check under AMD section.

Update Snow Leopard Hazard 10.6.4 on VMware PlayerPress Install to start.

6) Restart after the completion. If booting screen stuck with loading screen, try the following methods.

a) Close VMware Player completely and open ‘Mac OS X Server 10.6 (experimental).vmx’ file in notepad. Look for ‘smc.present’ and change it to “FALSE”.

b) Change the processor cores and restart virtual machine.Try resetting several times.

c) If its not booting with Chameleon bootloader then load the ‘darwin_snow.iso’ file to CD ROM and boot.

7) Here is the running hazard hackintosh on VMware player. I booted this with  ‘darwin_snow.iso’ which is available in Snowy_VM folder.

Update Snow Leopard Hazard 10.6.4 on VMware Player

8.) To configure Network, VMware tools installation, screen resolution size, USB support, sound driver installation and VMware shared folders between Windows host and Snow Leopard guest, read  the earlier following post.

Retail Fresh Snow Leopard 10.6 install on VMware with post installation settings

9) Update hazard hackintosh to 10.6.4 on VMware.

The kernel came with this hazard version will work up to 10.6.2. If you upgrade it to 10.6.4 and restart normally then kernel panic will appear and it can not be booted.

So, before start the manual or online combo update download the 10.6.4 kernel which will work on this version even after update.

Install the latest combo update, DO NOT press restart after the completion. Leave the screen open and run the kernel installation as shown below.

desktop virtualization

After legacy kernel installation press restart button.

10) New updated hazard 10.6.4 Snow leopard should boot in VMware without any issues and kernel panics.

desktop virtualization software

Again important reminder: Before start the combo update, transfer the 10.6.4 legacy kernel files to virtual machine and start the combo update.  Without pressing Restart button install the kernel and restart.

Share your issues and difficulties on this method.

Have fun.

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  1. Unfortunately the .vmx file in the configured Snowy VM file download is corrupted at the present time, so this won’t work as is. Readers might try a vmx file from another Snowy download. –John

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