[Ultimate Guide] Fix Printer Issues on Windows 8 and 8.1, Troubleshooting Tips

Printing is one of the essential part in computing especially at work or sometimes at home too. When it gives trouble by not printing your important document, then you will be in the desperate need to fix it quickly by yourself. Here is the ultimate guide for fixing and troubleshooting printer issues on Windows 8 and 8.1. We have listed out all possible ways which can help in solving printer issue (hardware troubleshooting not included).

Usually if you have a printer with good hardware condition, stable connectivity and correct up-to-date printer driver on your computer, you will not face much printing issues.  Having the basic knowledge and understanding printer connectivity, technology and printer services will help to identify and troubleshoot printer related issues

Most of the printer issues are very simple and anyone can fix them. Only few issues require support from technical people.

3 Basic Scenarios to Understand the Printer Problem


Scenario 1

You print a document and it prints property

Result- Everything is fine 🙂

Scenario 2

You print a document, printer started working but making some noise and lights are blinking and not printing.

Result – Printer has received the job request , that means connectivity by either USB ( or other cables) or network is fine. It unable to prints out due to hardware issue, out of paper, ink/cartridge issue, driver problem in Windows 8, wrong printer settings or some print jobs are already pending.

Scenario 3

You print a document, nothing happens to the printer

Result – Obviously it did not receive your print command from Windows 8/8.1 computer. It could be by printer power failure, connectivity issue, wrong printer selection in OS, wrong driver installation or print spooler issue.

Troubleshooting Tips  for Printer Issues on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

1) Check the Printer’s power

Sometimes smart people do miss simple things. Make sure that printer is powered on and no warning lights are blinking which confirms that there are no hardware issues.

2) Check for physical printer issues

Most of the printers have amber light which indicates hardware issues. Some of the common hardware issues are, paper jam, cartridge jam or improper fix of cartridges or cartridges dried out, top, rear or other covers not fixed and out of paper.

Make sure to fix all physical errors and there are no warning lights.

3) Check the connectivity

If its connected via USB or LPT cable, check the connection at both ends ( computer and printer sides). You can unplug from both ends and connect back properly again, try to connect same USB port on the computer. If it doesn’t work, try the different USB ports.

For network printers, find out the IP address and check the connectivity by pinging. Follow these steps to find out IP address of a printer in Windows 8 or 8.1 computer.

ping IP address of printer

If the printer is connected through a shared computer, you can check the connectivity by accessing shared computer’s shares. Find out the name or IP address of shared computer where printer is connected, enter the name or IP with \\ in run or Windows explorer.


4) Check the Printer Driver

The printer driver and software should have been installed properly by installation CD provided or downloaded. If you need to download, make sure you are downloading the correct or similar model printer driver. Installing or assigning a completely wrong printer driver will cause issue to printing and Operating System as well.

Accidentally or automatically a wrong driver could have been assigned to a printer you are trying to print. Double check the model of physical printer with installed driver on your computer.

Also due to some system issues, system restore or file modification, the printer driver may get corrupted. In this case, completely uninstall and reinstall it again to solve the issue.

printer driver

5) Make it online

If the connectivity and printer hardware are fine, then check for status of the printer. It could be in offline state. The printer will resume printing only when it comes to online state.

Check this guide to enable printer online from offline in Windows 8/8.1

6) Clear the old pending jobs

Sometimes the old pending jobs will block new print jobs. These old jobs should be cleared manually to print new jobs.

Go to Devices and Printers in control panel and double click the printer where pending jobs need to be cleared. It will list out the old jobs with ‘Error’ state. Right click and Cancel them.

delete pending jobs

If the pending job is not getting cleared by above method, then you need to restart the print spooler service (which mentioned in the next step 7) or even restarting the computer will help.

7) Restart Print Spooler Service

Print spooler service is an important service of a Windows computer to be able to manage printers and prints. It would stopped automatically for several reasons and needed to be started or restarted manually sometimes.

Find out the all possible ways to start and troubleshoot print spooler service issues on Windows 8 or 8.1 here.


I hope one of the above method would be helpful to fix printer issues on Windows 8 or 8.1.

Do share the method which helped to solve your issue.

Dinesh is the founder of Sysprobs and written more than 400 articles. Enthusiast in Microsoft and cloud technologies with more than 15 years of IT experience.

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  1. Hi Dinesh,

    First of all forgive me for asking a question that has nothing to do with the title of this post.

    Now, I have a blog that receives around 1500-2500 (depending on various things) unique visitors & I’ve been noticing that when it is day time in US (= traffic peak of the blog) the site has a tendency to be slow, sometimes. So I’ve been thinking about switching to a VPS, and was wondering purchasing 300MB RAM would be good enough for my requirements. Thank you.

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  2. Hi, can you help please?
    Epson stylus photo R x 620.
    I have had this robust printer for eight or nine years and am reluctant to part with it as I am advised that later versions are far less well built. I have now changed my computer which is running Windows 8.1. When I tried to install the printer I got a message is that there was a compatibility issue. The windows troubleshooter returned no result and I tried to install without resolving the issue. (As advised by Epson support website).
    The printer appears in Control Panel but when I tried to print or scan, the printer is not recognised and I’d get the message that the scanner is not ready. I have tried Updating the driver which I believe maybe the problem. I have used the windows driver wizard without success and cannot find a driver for this model on the Epson support site.
    Curiously, when I right-click on the Printer in control panel, I can test the scanner and get the message that the device successfully completed the test! I can also get a preview and scan but he document form here but cannot make any adjustment
    Further from “customise your Printer” I was able to print a windows test page which produced a host of information about the Printer including “driver version 6.1 0.6385 0.0. There is also a list of additional print driver files. I can also get a print dialogue from File/print but without, for example, an option for print preview.

  3. Hello, Was running windows 8 and everything printed fine. Upgraged to windows 8.1 and now everytime I get a blank page after my first page prints. It does this from all programs: quickbooks, excel, word, or anything from the interent. How do I get it to stop printing the blank page.

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