How to Make Printer Online in Windows 7 – From Offline Printer Status

This small guide shows you how to make a printer online on Windows 7 if it’s in offline state. A printer can go to offline state due to hardware or software problems on your Windows 7 laptop or desktop computer. It can be a networked printer or local printer which is connected through USB/LPT cables. Making a offline printer to online mode in Windows 7 is not like how we used to do on Windows XP or Vista.  It is not in the same Printer menu this time. Follow below simple guide to solve the problem if you are facing the same issue. These similar options applicable for Windows 8.1 and 10 printer offline issues also.

As said earlier, making a offline printer to online on Windows 7  is located at different menu option than Windows XP and Vista. Normally due to printer driver issue, connectivity problem with networked or USB/LPT cables, spooler issue and physical fault on the printer, a printer can offline on Windows 7 and stop printing your documents. Your all printings jobs will be queued to the printer if it is offline.

Windows XP and Windows Vista Printer Online Setting

Its very easy and straight forward to make printers online on Windows XP and Vista. It is on the printer menu which can be accessed by right clicking on the particular printer.

Here is an example from Windows Vista.

Windows vista online option

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Unfortunately if you right click on the printer in Windows 7, you will see a completely different menu as shown below,

windows 7 printer options

The menu is different than earlier Operating Systems and ‘Use Printer Online’ option is missing in Windows 7 printer menu. You can’t find this option even under ‘Printer Preferences’ or ‘Printer properties’ or ‘Properties’.

So, to make a printer online from offline mode in Windows 7, you must click ‘See what’s printing’ which will bring the pending printing jobs queue for particular printer.  Also, double clicking on the printer icon will bring the same menu.

see whats printing

Click on Printer and remove the tick from ‘Use Printer Offline’ as shown below.

Windows 7 printer online

If the printer had gone offline mode due to normal issues (like temporary disconnection, out of paper, printer driver issue) then the printing will resume after removing the tick as mentioned above. But still if the printer is in offline state, then that could be due connectivity problem (network or USB/LPT cable) or something physically wrong with the printer (like paper jam, top cover opened or cartridge not fixed properly..etc.) or some serious problem with printing services on the computer. Better you have to check the connectivity of the printer and restart your computer to see the affect. Sometimes, even you may need to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver and it’s software.

I hope this guide would be helpful on how to make printer online on Windows 7 from offline mode. If you are using the latest Windows Operating systems such as Windows 8.1 and 10, you must check this guide.

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  1. I am frustrated too. I re-booted my machine and it didn’t fix the problem. Now I will restart my router.

  2. ‘ve been having the same problem (5 or 6 times now) and it’s offline again. You need to have some way to go “BACK ONLINE”
    recovering/restoring every other day is not FIXING it.

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